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3 Phase Isolation Transformer – Three Phase Isolation Transformers are designed to isolate the 415VAC input (Australian power grid voltage) from the 415VAC output power supply of the transformer.

Note: If you require custom made three phase transformers please see here.

These stock Three Phase Isolation Transformers are rated at either 0.3kVA, 10kVA and 25kVA, and are used in Australia to provide a higher level of safety due to the voltage being isolated from input to output. This protects your device from voltage spikes that can occur and also filter noise in the line resulting in less feedback in the output. Isolation Transformers are used for multiple purposes including Industrial and Commercial machines/appliances.

For American or Japanese Three Phase machines/appliances that require a step down 200VAC or 220VAC output transformer, see here. For European/Chinese or Korean Three Phase machines/appliances that need a step down 380VAC transformer, see here.

Tortech also have an open transformer 0.5kVA and 2kVA rated model in-stock which is similar to the 0.3kVA version shown (Note: 0.5kVA – Star/Star Formation & 2kVA – Delta/Star Formation).

Please Note: Transformers must be hard wired into the electrical supply by a Licenced Electrician or Electrical Contractor. These items are mainly for Industrial & Factory environments with high current input supply, not for domestic use (unless specified by Electrician or Tortech Engineers).

The 300VA Open Style Isolation Transformer & 10kVA and 25kVA Isolation Transformer in IP22 Enclosure

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For further information regarding Isolation transformers compared to Autotransformers, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding pricing, availability and further technical assistance, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form.

**Please note: If not in stock, a custom model must be manufactured with lead time of 1-4 weeks* and price may vary.

* Subject to change based on work in progress.

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0.3kVA – 415V/415V, 5kVA – 415V/415V, 7.5kVA – 415V/415V, 10kVA – 415V/415V, 12.5kVA – 415V/415V, 15kVA – 415V/415V, 20kVA – 415V/415V, 25kVA – 415V/415V, 30kVA – 415V/415V, 35kVA – 415V/415V, 40kVA – 415V/415V, 50kVA – 415V/415V, 60kVA – 415V/415V

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  1. Carl

    Thankyou tortech
    Quick delivery of my custom three phase transformer. Attention to detail and packing appreciated

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