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Isolation Transformers – An isolation transformer is a transformer which is used to decouple two circuits, with the transformer coil windings designed for an input/output voltage of 240/240V.

This type of transformer allows an AC signal or power to be taken from one device and fed into another without electrically connecting the two circuits. Isolation transformers block transmission of DC signals from one circuit to the other, but allow AC signals to pass. They also block interference caused by ground loops.

Isolation transformers with electrostatic shields are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment such as computers or laboratory instruments.

Note: Tortech Isolation 240/240V transformers include a grounded shield between the primary and the secondary windings as a standard accessory (E/S Models). This screen has a very high coupling to the input winding. Hence it reduce common mode noise on the 240V input side.

Differential noise can magnetically couple from the primary to the secondary of an isolation transformer. This requires other measures, such as a filter, to block differential noise from the secondary of an isolation transformer.

Isolation transformers are also used for the power supply of devices not on ground potential as one option.

NOTE: Our isolation units include an On/Off Switch as well as Electrostatic Screening.

Features of Tortech Quality Isolation Transformers:

Circuit Diagram for the Isolation Transformers:

For RCD Testing: Please note the nature of an isolation transformer means the earth is not carried through. You will require this special modified unit for ELCB/RCD testing.

We also manufacture Custom Isolation Single Phase or Three transformers up to 500KVA.

For availability and further technical assistance, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form.

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12 reviews for Isolation Transformer

  1. pawz (verified owner)

    I got the 1000va version, it is made from metal which makes the case solid.
    It is fully isolated from the mains ( inc the earth ) which is needed when working with oscilloscopes.
    I ordered online and it arrived in Canberra a few days later.

  2. Grahame Jones (verified owner)

    Great product. Fully earth return isolated from mains enabling safer use of test equipment.
    Excellent company to deal with, product arrived within a couple of days, courier Sydney to 100 kms west of Brisbane. Great rates too.

  3. djk (verified owner)

    Excellent product, it does just what it says on the tin. Product arrived in good time, well packaged in good condition. Smooth hassle-free purchase process.

  4. gary

    works well, reduces noise an interferrence and flunctations from my 240v power , essentials for my lab equipment, quick delivery too.

  5. Tony

    Well made and robust unit. Have checked and it does provide full 240v-240 isolation as promised. Thank-you.

  6. Ian Leigh (verified owner)

    Good advice and price, fast delivery.
    Ideal product.

  7. Nev. Blyth (verified owner)

    A sturdy, well-built isolation transformer that is actually an isolation transformer!
    Good price, functions well. Very happy.

  8. Pat (verified owner)

    Very happy with the transaction. Product was as described and delivered without a problem.

  9. Saeed (verified owner)

    Received the next day of placing the order. Works fine and looks to be durable. Good, strong handle helps moving the heavy transformer easier. I purchased the 2000VA version.

  10. Robert (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with the isolation transformer (600 VA) that I purchased. The transformer is well made, extremely solid and looks good. I received the transformer in Adelaide about a week after I made the purchase. I was also impressed with how well the transformer was packaged. The isolation transformer is a “technicians” isolation transformer (i.e., the output is completely isolated from the mains and is helpful for technicians when using oscilloscopes and other test equipment). An excellent product that I’d highly recommend.

  11. David Burton (verified owner)

    I bought the 500VA version in November. Same day delivery via express post, I ordered it very early in the morning.
    Very good quality without drilling the rivets out for inspection of course!
    Holden and Fisher in the UK also manufactured excellent toroid transformers for Naim Audio amplifiers in the 70’s and 80’s.
    No longer in production. Replaced with Irish traffos and not as heavy..

  12. Tom Siomopoulos (verified owner)

    Tortech are a great company to deal with. I ordered this unit from them, and within two days I received it. Easy process, no fuss. This isolation transformer works very well. Will definitely deal with Tortech again in the future.

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