Tortech v2 Website Launched

After almost 5 years our previous website design was retired and replaced by our second generation design which went live on the 16/02/2019.


Launch screenshot of Tortech Gen 2
February 2019
November 2018

Tortech joins the Avetta Consortium

We have officially become a member of the Avetta Consortium. This is means we have successfully completed the Avetta audit. Avetta is a global supply chain risk management solution giving you first hand view in how suppliers execute safety and sustainability solutions and procedures within their company.


May 2018
April 2012

Our 2nd move

We later purchased and moved to Unit 4/31 Wentworth St Greenacre in 1998, which was double the size of Unit 24 and had two large entry doors. This is our current premises.

  1. Some of our major projects over the years:
  2. Satellite communication power Supply for Codan Ltd
  3. Large current transformer manufacture for ABB and Stemar
  4. We made small toroidal transformer in volume for Nulec
  5. We have designed a large range of stepdown transformer for USA equipment
  6. We now are beginning to market LED tubes tubes
  7. Large low voltage transformer for Sydney Opera House
  8. Single to three phase converter

On the move!

We purchased and moved to Unit 24 /31 Wentworth St Greenacre in 1992.It was like in heaven; So much space! This is when we really started to manufacture locally.

Financial trouble, difficult times.

In Oct 1987 we had the financial collapse plus strikes on the docks subsequently. These were difficult times.

We had a limited number of customers and limited sales in each month, the early years.
We used telex to communicate overseas and we had to ring thru our telex to the public telex facility in Sydney and would have to go in town to Sydney to pick up answers.

Later we used a public fax facility in Strathfield.

Then we leased a small fax machine for $2500!

October 1987
April 1987

Tortech officially commences trading

We took our first order in April 1987. These toroidal transformers were imported from Nuvotem in Ireland.

It took more than 6 weeks for goods to come by ship and 1-2 weeks for clearance in Sydney.

We did all our own customs clearance work. This involved trips into Customs House in Circular Quay by train to lodge the Nature 10customs form.

Our first customer was Staff lighting . They ordered a Quantity of 1000 toroidal lighting transformers.

We operated from our house in Ludgate St Concord, initially and our garage was our work shop , test bay plus our warehouse.

My wife did all the book keeping by hand. We still have the original sales journal from the beginning.

My wife worked as a casual teacher during the day and did invoicing and book keeping in the evening.
During the day I would visit customers. During the night we would prepare correspondence for overseas.

We would pick up all our sea freight deliveries from the Darling Harbour Dock using our trailer and hand unpack the goods back at our house.

We started with $30,000 collateral which we personally loaned to the company.