Extensive experience in Three phase Air cooled Railway and inverter Isolation transformer design up to and including 2500kVA and 33kV 3 Phase transformer in IP23/IP33/IP54/IP65 Stainless steel enclosures.

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  1. Special Low in-rush design to reduce start up current to meet 8-12 times in-rush requirement.
  2. Choice of core material – GOSS unicore/Non GOSS/Amorphous material to suit temperature rise.
  3. Low current / Flux density design to reduce in-rush and temperature rise to operate in extreme Australian conditions.
  4. Innovative winding techniques utilised to reduce in-rush current
  5. Design to meet impedance and regulation requirements. +- 2.5% and +-5% off link taps available to regulate voltage.
  6. Indoor mild steel IP23, outdoor IP56 powder coated mild steel, IP 56 and IP65 stainless steel 304/316 enclosures available.
  7. Fibre Glass Gland plate and poly carbonate terminal box arrangement – type A to suit requirements.
  8. Designed to NSW (EP 17 00 00 11SP) and QLD Railways standards(2.03.4218.27).
  9. Assigned and tested to AS/NZS 60076 power transformers Part 11 : Dry type transformers
  10. Sophisticated finite element software design to compute temperature rise and heat dissipation design
  11. Rating up to 1,3 Phase 2500kVA and 33kV in stainless steel enclosures
  12. Electrostatic screen to provide common mode noise rejection for grid connect solar installations and marine applications.
  13. Vector connections: delta/star, delta/delta, star/star, star/delta and special connections such as zig zag for neutral derivation and harmonic mitigation.
  14. Rating Plate to AS 60076 Standard
  15. C-Channels under the enclosure and lifting eyes on the top of the transformer for ease of installation
  16. M12 Holes on copper lugs on the primary and secondary Coils
  17. Spacers and cooling ducts between coils for improved heat dissipation through convection
  18. Fast quotes and quick Lead time.
  19. Earth Bar and Neutral bar for easy installation.
  20. Optional temperature rise type test reports to AS 60076 power transformers Part 11: Dry type transformers. Click here for sample report.
  21. Please find typical GA drawings for IP23-Mild steel and IP56-Stainless steel designs here.

To inquire further, please contact our engineering team at: [email protected] or (02) 9642 6003.