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Isolated American Step Down Transformer Isolation American Step Down transformers are essential for safely running your American 110/120 Volts rated appliance in Australia on the Australian 240 Volts power mains supply with additional protection and filtering features. 

Our Tortech Isolated transformers include additional features detailed below which are not offered by our Economy model transformer (see here for Economy version).

This model is fully isolated (insulated input to output) through a double wound design and is the only model that provides additional protection for your appliance against voltage spikes in the power supply, as well as helping filter the audio quality for amplifier type equipment.

Note: This model does not include an Earth Screen. If you want to have an Earth Screen included, Tortech can manufacture a custom unit by specifying your design requirements here.

Read more about the important safety differences of Isolated transformers here.

This unit uses a toroidal transformer to convert the 240 Volts Australian mains supply down to 110/120 Volts American rating, thus allowing your USA device to run in Australia.

Simply plug your transformer into the Aussie power wall socket, and then connect your American device into the USA power outlet on the unit. Once they are both connected, switch the power on at the wall socket and at the step down unit, and you’re ready to go!

Protect your USA appliance - Buy a Step Down that is guaranteed safe:

Service is Important.
We Offer Quality Service.

At TorTech, we offer assistance in selecting the right voltage converter for you! Our team of specialised engineers are happy to examine your product and assist in helping pair you with our recommended voltage converter out of a wide range of stock.

Model Comparison

Part NumberWattsOutput AmpsDimensions (l x w x h)WeightOutletsHandle
SD110--5050W0.45A130mm x 90mm x 70mm1kg1no
SD110-100100W0.91A168mm x 158mm x 91mm3.5kg1no
SD110-250250W2.27A176mm x 159mm x 105mm4.5kg1yes
SD110-500500W4.50A209mm x 162mm x 128mm7kg1yes
SD110-10001000W9.10A230mm x 182mm x 130mm10kg2yes
SD110-15001500W13.60A300mm x 230mm x 160mm13kg2yes
SD110-20002000W18.20A300mm x 230mm x 160mm16kg2yes
SD110-24002400W21.80A300mm x 230mm x 160mm21kg2yes
SD110-35003500W31.82A350mm x 285mm x 235mm37kg2yes
SD110-40004000W36.37A302mm x 280mm x 275mm50kgHardwireyes


When decided on which Transformer will be suitable for your appliance/s, it is important to consider the Power Rating of the device/s you wish to run on the Transformer.

To determine the Power Rating of your appliance/s, you must determine the total wattage (W) or total ampere (A). This will be presented on the product in a electrical specification label, or in the product manual.

Once the total wattage (W) or total ampere (A) is determined, please use our ‘Calculator’ located on the tab section of this page. This calculator will help guide you on which Transformer is recommended using your appliance/s details.

Always note that the Transformer must always be 20-25% higher in wattage (W) rating than the total wattage of your appliance/s.

E.g: Playstation 3 uses 380 Watts, so you will need the 500 watt rated Step Down transformer.

If a motor is included in your appliance/s, then you should select a Step Down Transformer rating approx 25% higher than your motor as a buffer.  

Motors have a higher power demand on the Step Down Transformer and draw higher start-up currents which need to be allowed for.

Most motors have a rating plate on them with their power (VA), wattage (W) and/or ampere (A) rating.

If so, how critical is this timing device? Our Transformers convert the voltage (V) and cannot change the frequency (Hz). 

Please note Australia’s power grid supply operates at 50Hz. 

If a timing device is included, the speed of the device may change due to the frequency difference in the power grid. This results in the appliance/s operating at 50Hz (Australia) when designed for 60HZ (Western Japan). An example of which appliance/s may be more affected by this are: old clocks, motors/fans/microwaves.

 Most modern electronic devices should not be affected. Please read further about frequency for more information.

Calculation for Wattage:

Wattage (W) = Ampere (A) x Voltage (V)

An Example is Wattage = 5 Amps x 110 Volts = 550 Watts

Please check the total watts (W or VA) of all devices and ensure this is 20% lower than the power rating (W or VA) of the Step Down Transformer. If using more than two devices, please use a USA Powerboard to run multiples devices. 

Our Step Down transformers reviewed by – read the Independent review of our Step Downs.

Additional FAQs about the frequency difference & more technical information, please read here.

For other general FAQs, please click here.

Still unsure which Step Down you will need? See our guide to choosing the right Step Down for you here.

For further technical assistance, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form.

Quality toroidal transformer inside
Strong riveted carry handles
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    50W, 100W, 250W, 500W, 1010W, 1500W, 2000W, 2400W, 3000W, 3500W, 3500W w/ Hardwired NEMA Lead, 4000W

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    26 reviews for [ISOLATED] American Step Down Transformer

    1. Walter (verified owner)

      Once ordered, the step down transformer was delivered really quickly only taking less than 2 days from order to receiving the item in Canberra. However, the item sent was the step down for Japan, and not North American. A quick telephone call and Tortech issued the postal return paperwork, and almost simultaneously sent the correct American step down, even before they received my returned step down for Japan.

      While there was a small error in the process, the customer service in response to the error was great. Many thanks for your good, prompt customer service.

    2. Chris Broome

      Isolated American Step Down Transformer combined with an Onkyo TX-RZ830 9.2 Channel 4K Network A/V Receiver.

      I was advised that due to my 850 watt 110 volt 60 HZ ‘s Network A/V Receiver drawing more than 1000 watts than thought I got the 2000 Watt version.

      I have been looking online for a while and buying an Onkyo TX-RZ830 9.2 Channel 4K Network A/V Receiver would cost me at least $2000-3000 Australian, so I took the risk and imported one from the USA. What a risk it was, but glad I did because I saved myself at least $1000. I actually got a brand new Onkyo TX-RZ830 9.2 Channel 4K Network A/V Receiver for $1000 Australian including delivery and import Tax.

      Now all I needed was the Isolated step-down transformer and Tortech were happy to build one for me in 2 days and ship to me within 2 days. I grabbed the special $250 price that was reduced from $640!!

      Happy days 🙂

    3. James

      Got a large Isolated stepdown 3500W unit to run my boat from shore power. Amen it works very well ! I previously had a another stepdown and I couldnt handle handle the load at all and konked out after 20 mins – this one can. I rely upon this one as it has to provide power to all appliances on the boat every time I move to shore power. This unit is built to last, to be honest its not light but well it’s made, strong handle. I eventually got a sparky to hardwire it in with a nema cable and store the whole transformer in the cabin with ventilation. Also being that it is isolated it gives me peace of mind that it is running safely in the cabin, as it runs all night and for days at a time when we are onshore. Thankyou for your help and assistance as well.

    4. Chad H

      Have purchased your isolated stepdowns for our lighting and christmas light installations over the last decade. I can vouch that these are built to last and are safe, we have units still working we got from you over 10 years ago!. Have recommend tortech stepdowns to others as well. I do like that they include additional fuses, these may come in handy over the years ,so hold onto them.

    5. David

      Works well, robust and well made. Delivery was quick and I am happy with the safety factor with the isolated model.

    6. John

      Bought the 500w step down the use with my dewalt drill. Works like a charm. Reliable and the transformer is clearly well made.

    7. Steven Lim (verified owner)

      I needed a stepdown transformer to run an audio amp and controller from the US to run music through the house. Got some great advice from the team at Tortech who advised the toroidal transformer. I’ve gone a little bigger than needed just in case (2000w). Arrived promptly, within a week. All up and running and everything is great. No hum and audio system sounds great. Thanks

    8. Brock (verified owner)

      Excellent company and product I purchased a 1010 watt US stepdown for my Panasonic mini hifi which I purchased from the US and the stepdown works perfectly. They did recommend a 500watt but I decided to pay a bit extra and jump to 1010 for that bit extra. the stepdown stays cool and works perfect for my stereo, thank you Tortech for an excellent buying experience and designing such a safe and efficient product for US appliances. I’m more than happy and very great full to your company and team. 😄👍

    9. James

      Got your stepdown to run our professional Kitchenaid mixer, which even combined with the AUD to USD rate i am still ahead at present! We needed to run the mixer for long periods as used commercially, so after doing my reading and hearing that most other transformers can only work for 30 mins at a time I sided with yours, additionally the safety factor was a concern and isolation is ideal. Anyway long story the mixer is working exceptionally well, weve had it going at times all day for food prep and even at high load there has been no issue.

    10. Kent Bayley

      I collect vintage radios which are mostly getting on for 90 years old now. They often need a 110 volt transformer to run so I didn’t want an auto transformer for safety reason or indeed one with poor regulation which I could have bought for $40 on ebay. Don’t bother and dont trust them as they are mostly rubbish. If you care about your appliance/equipment as I do the then call Tortech and buy quality and safety.

    11. K Dallimore (verified owner)

      Really good – better than expected

    12. Richard

      Having USA boat to be converted entirely over to Aussie power was not an option. After reading a review posted here I purchased the isolated 3500w model. I can also vouch that the transformer is durable, robust, well ventilated and safe! Safety is top on my priority as the transformer is running continuously at times providing power to fridge and shower heating while running from the marina. The isolated transformer is working perfectly after 6 months so thanks to Tortech, works as promised!

    13. Charles

      I have used this model in the PNG embassy. Good transformers and meet standards for the consulates requirements. We have had no reported issues and transformers have lasted for over 10 years of use so far.

    14. Erin Lynch

      Couldn’t ask for a better experience, service or product from a company. Didn’t have a clue which transformer was needed. I purchased a Brother embroidery machine for my mum in the states, the TorTech staff member I spoke with got all the details of the machine from me and then advised which was best. The step down transformer was then delivered within a couple of days. The transformer works perfectly and my mum is very happy. I highly recommend TorTech to anyone looking for a transformer.

    15. Dave Long (verified owner)

      I contacted Tortech regarding a step-down transformer, and they provided excellent advice on the appropriateness of using one, and the right model (the 100W isolated step-down transformer), which I purchased. It arrived quickly and was well-packed, and did the job perfectly (unlike the cheaper transformer I’d got previously, from Amazon, which did not run the appliance in question well at all). Couldn’t have asked for better service, or a better product, and it was a good price as well.

    16. David

      Thank you Tortech, after buying a terrible unit from somewhere else which hummed, gave off a smell and then didn’t work as promised I actually went in and visited Tortech in Sydney. They sorted me out and even tested my US light box on the spot so I could see the unit in action. I can confirm that the Tortech transformer does not hum or make noise, it does not smell and I’ve had it on for hours and it hasn’t dropped out. I’m surprised that good old service actually exists in this online world of cheap and nasty. So if you want a product that does what it says go to Tortech. Thank you!

    17. Vic (verified owner)

      After using several other brands , we found this transformer was the best for correct voltage we needed.
      Great customer service and communication.
      Highly recommended.

    18. Neil (verified owner)

      Less than 48 hours from placing the order to having the step-down transformer in my hands! The unit works flawlessly with my 110V amplifier. Highly recommended.

    19. John

      The 250w isolated stepdown is working well for my amplifier. Was recommended isolation as it reduces interferrance for audio equipment. I suggest others look at this model if you have audio equipment.

    20. Thien Cheow (verified owner)

      The most effective delivery I had ever encountered. The step down transformer was delivered 3 days after the order.
      The unit is well built and functioned accurately.
      Strongly recommended to this company and its product.

    21. Phillip (verified owner)

      All good … excellent service. Highly recommended.

    22. Paul

      I am an electronic engineer and when researching step down transformers for my US audio equipment this company very much reminded me of a small company I once worked for. Low volume, high quality, well designed equipment. I wanted the best quality isolated transformer possible and Tortech was the winner. Also I just like the aussie feel of the product with the phone numbers on the label:)

    23. sean (verified owner)

      the tortech isolated transformer works amazingly. zero noise. superbly engineered. this step down transformer was purchased to be used in a recording studio environment and has succeeded where all other transformers have failed. i couldn’t be happier with the product and the sales & customer service at tortech.

    24. Linda (verified owner)

      Purchased this product to use with my US voltage bread maker – exactly what I needed. Very happy with both the product and the customer service I received. I’ve used this item several times already. From the time of ordering to taking delivery inter-state it was only a couple of days. Great service team Tortech, would recommend any time!

    25. Jilles (verified owner)

      It arrived within a couple of days and it works perfectly. It’s very well constructed. I have bought a couple of transformers from TORTECH. They are just good quality and worry free.

    26. Rod

      I have 3 of these tortech isolated transformers that I purchased 20 years ago – they are all still working fine and I have no hesitation to recommend this product or company.

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