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Economy Japanese Step Down Transformer – The Economy Japanese Step Down transformers can operate your Japanese 100 Volts rated appliance on the Australian 240 Volts power mains supply.

Our Tortech Economy transformers include a fuse and thermal cut-out protection to ensure the transformer cannot be overloaded. Our other transformer type of the Isolated transformer model includes these protection features and also additional features including voltage spike protection and can help assist noise filters (see here for Isolated version).

This model is a single wound toroidal transformer, and is designed to only convert the voltage from 240 Volts Australian mains supply down to 100 Volts Japanese rating, thus allowing your Japanese device to run in Australia.

Simply plug your transformer into the Aussie power wall outlet and then connect your Japanese device into the power socket on the unit. Once they are both connected, switch the power on at the wall socket and for the step down unit, and you’re ready to go!

Protect your Japanese appliance - Buy a Step Down that is guaranteed safe:

Service is Important.
We Offer Quality Service.

At TorTech, we offer assistance in selecting the right voltage converter for you! Our team of specialised engineers are happy to examine your product and assist in helping pair you with our recommended voltage converter out of a wide range of stock.

Unit Details:

  •  Converts voltage down from 240 volts to 100 volts Japanese
  •  Fully enclosed unit with a white powder coated finish (300W and above)
  •  Fully enclosed unit with compact black housing (100W only)
  •  Safety fuse protection (300W and above)
  •  Auto transformer construction
  •  1 or 2 power outlets (1 outlet for 500W and below, 2 outlets for 1000W and above)

Model Comparison:

Part NumberWattsOutput AmpsDimensions (l x w x h)WeightOutlets
SD100-100A100W1.0A125mm x 90mm x 70mm1.42kg1
SD100-300A300W3.0A210mm x 158mm x 115mm4kg1
SD100-500A500W5.0A210mm x 158mm x 115mm4.9kg1
SD100-1010A1010W10.0A240mm x 160mm x 130mm7.39kg2
SD100-2000A2000W20.0A260mm x 185mm x 130mm12.25kg2

FAQ Section:

When decided on which Transformer will be suitable for your appliance/s, it is important to consider the Power Rating of the device/s you wish to run on the Transformer.

To determine the Power Rating of your appliance/s, you must determine the total wattage (W) or total ampere (A). This will be presented on the product in a electrical specification label, or in the product manual.

Once the total wattage (W) or total ampere (A) is determined, please use our ‘Calculator’ located on the tab section of this page. This calculator will help guide you on which Transformer is recommended using your appliance/s details.

Always note that the Transformer must always be 20-25% higher in wattage (W) rating than the total wattage of your appliance/s.

E.g: Playstation 3 uses 380 Watts, so you will need the 500 watt rated Step Down transformer.

If a motor is included in your appliance/s, then you should select a Step Down Transformer rating approx 25% higher than your motor as a buffer.  

Motors have a higher power demand on the Step Down Transformer and draw higher start-up currents which need to be allowed for.

Most motors have a rating plate on them with their power (VA), wattage (W) and/or ampere (A) rating.

If so, how critical is this timing device? Our Transformers convert the voltage (V) and cannot change the frequency (Hz). 

Please note Australia’s power grid supply operates at 50Hz. 

If a timing device is included, the speed of the device may change due to the frequency difference in the power grid. This results in the appliance/s operating at 50Hz (Australia) when designed for 60HZ (Western Japan). An example of which appliance/s may be more affected by this are: old clocks, motors/fans/microwaves.

 Most modern electronic devices should not be affected. Please read further about frequency for more information.

Calculation for Wattage:

Wattage (W) = Ampere (A) x Voltage (V)

An Example is Wattage = 5 Amps x 110 Volts = 550 Watts

Please check the total watts (W or VA) of all devices and ensure this is 20% lower than the power rating (W or VA) of the Step Down Transformer. If using more than two devices, please use a USA Powerboard to run multiples devices. 

Our Step Down transformers reviewed by – read the Independent review of our Step Downs.

Additional FAQs about the frequency difference & more technical information, please read here.

For other general FAQs, please click here.

Still unsure which Step Down you will need? See our guide to choosing the right Step Down for you here.

For further technical assistance, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form.

Quality toroidal transformer inside
Strong riveted carry handles
Voltage Converter Selector
  • Voltage
  • Amps or Watts?
  • Calculator
    • Results

    Additional information


    50W, 100W, 300W, 500W, 1010W, 2000W

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    20 reviews for [ECONOMY] Japanese Step Down Transformer

    1. Paul Wheeler (verified owner)

      It arrived promptly , well packaged. It works perfectly powering a small Japanese iron for craft purposes , the transformer runs cool and hasn’t missed a beat, just like the American step down I used for running American voltage synthesisers.The staff member I spoke to helped my decision on which wattage to purchase . I have and always will recommend Tortech to my friends because they are a courteous and helpful,company selling very reliable equipment.

    2. Lyn (verified owner)

      I found the description and explanation of this transformer very helpful, as I now less than nothing about these things. The transformer works perfectly with the small rice cooker I bought in Japan and – importantly to me – is not as ugly as the big black ones. Very happy with my purchase.

    3. Chris (verified owner)

      Was shipped very quickly, and the transformer works perfectly (and is really affordable!). Forget about buying from ebay, save yourself the hassle and get one from Tortech

    4. Alan

      This transformer was received promptly and well packed. It works well and most of all quietly for converting from 100v to 240-250V with my audiophile HIFI equipment I purchased from Japan. Hard to get such a transformer that has both 100v conversion (Japanese) and also be quiet as most have an annoying hum and can be very expensive from say UK or Asia and competing models in Australia cant compete with this quality for this item. This one is barely audible which helps with enjoyment of music listening. Good service when I rang to enquire about it and ordered online with no hassles. Would recommend this company for related services.

    5. Long Hoang (verified owner)

      Second times bought this 2000W Japanese Stepdown transformer. It works perfectly with the Japanese made Jojirushi IH pressure rice cooker. Cheap price and quick delivery. Thank you Tortech.

    6. Jenny W (verified owner)

      It arrived very quickly, delivery was smooth (even to our address, which is sometimes difficult for the postman to find) because we were texted a notification that it was arriving on the day of delivery, and the product works very well. We are now the happy owners of a Japanese model bread maker, thanks to this transformer.

      Customer service from this company is excellent. Prompt, courteous, and helpful.

    7. Mori (verified owner)

      Functionality of the device is excellent but it could be a much better product had it been smaller and lighter.

    8. Zack (verified owner)

      Gamers rejoice!
      I recently went on a trip to Japan, where I had a bit of fun with buying gaming consoles (superfamicom, N64, gamecube, Ps2). I was particularly worried, as I knew the potential risks of trying to run these consoles back in Australia, but I was set on getting them to work. The internet provided some clarity, but wasn’t quite the forum to get the full information I required. Luckily, someone provided a link to Tortech in one of the few forums I accessed, but again, I wasn’t too sure on what to get. Fortunately, I was able to come into contact with one of the staff members via email. They were able to show me exactly what I needed to buy, and gave me several options depending on my preference of setup.

      (I should note, provide Tortech with everything you see regarding input/output ie wattage, voltage etc on either the console/appliance itself, or the plug you’d connect to the socket)

      I bought it immediately, paid extra for express and got it 2 days later. It was boxed so tight, you wouldn’t even be able to squeeze a… ahh yeh. Plugged it in and tried it. Everything worked perfectly, no hiccoughs or anything. The build looks great too, and not so heavy as first suspected.

      If you buy gaming consoles from your trip to Japan (or other appliances), do not go any further than Tortech.

    9. Jo L (verified owner)

      Shipped super quick. Arrived in 3 days from interstate even though I didn’t pay for Express. Packaged securely and comes with 2 spare fuse things + clear instructions on how to change them. Easy to set up. I didn’t contact staff, but the page itself provided all the info I needed in terms of what transformer to get. Good prices and range of options too. Very happy being able to run my kotatsu here.

    10. Chiyoko Kumagae (verified owner)

      I am Japanese living in Australia with some of Japanese device.
      This one is my second one bought from tortech.
      Both time they were really helpful, like I needed one for rice cooker, gave me an advise to buy higher than what rice cooker device say because they are average watts and as rice cooker come to boiling momentary they use high energy there for average watts might not be sufficient.
      I had no idea of this, so was really appropriated an advice.
      And both time they were quick to respond and polite and helpful.
      Of course items are fantastic and reasonable price.
      I will recommend it and tortech to anyone need converter/transformer.

    11. Hannah Labutte (verified owner)

      The transformer arrived quickly and was well packaged. I have been very happy with the transformer and so happy that I can use the Super Famicom I bought from Japan.

    12. TIM ROBIN (verified owner)

      Fantastic quality. Amazing price. My previous step down transformer damaged my Marantz preamp as it was delivering 130 volts! This one is perfect, at 101 volts under load. Highly recommended reputable supplier.

    13. Greg Williams (verified owner)

      Great supplier – my 500W step down tx arrived in a matter of only a few days and it has worked perfectly well with my Japanese tube valve amplifier.

    14. Russell Taylor (verified owner)

      Great item, fast delivery, smooth transaction. Highly recommended supplier. Thank you.

    15. Emily

      The product is built at a high standard and was packaged carefully and shipped very quickly. Prior to ordering the product, the technicians responded swiftly to my query and helped me confirm the model required for my appliance. If I’m in need of another transformer, I will definitely repurchase from Tortech!

    16. Sukkeong (verified owner)

      Excellent product and providing the appropriate power needs for rice cooker, and reasonably priced. The product is well made, easy to handle and quiet. Additionally, package came with a couple of spare fuses, for the convenience for future.
      All started with query to confirm the correct model to handle the required power rated by the manufacturer of the rice cooker.

    17. Tetsuya.F (verified owner)

      I’m Japanese living in Australia. I brought some Japanese products from Japan. All of them work well, no problem, even rice cooker.

    18. Steff S. (verified owner)

      Thank you, the device works perfectly and as described. 240V > 100V for a Japanese device. Does not run hot (input device 30W)

    19. Craig K. (verified owner)

      Very helpful advice from the tech person determined the right transformer for me. Arrived well packaged and promptly. Very happy with the purchase.

    20. Shannon Keevers

      Tortech are valued supplier for commercial customers / Importers, such as ourselves.
      Well made, well packaged products, that just work correctly as indicated.
      Backed up by knowledgeable staff.
      Highly recommended for both Trade, and domestic users.

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