Tortech specialises in three phase transformer projects with applications in Commercial, Defence, Medical, Mining, light rail & Railway installations.
Capabilities include Dry Type, Epoxy Cast up to & including 33kV and 3MVA power.

250kVA Isolation transformer

February 2022 kick starts a busy time for Tortech with many transformer products under-way.This transformer was required for a special project for renewable power battery installation.

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Automatic Voltage Regulator

An Automatic Regulator is designed to correct Power quality problems like brownouts, surge, over-voltage, sags, Imbalance, unbalanced current, line noise etc. in the main power supply. Our voltage regulators features voltage regulation, isolation, Transient surge protection, or any combination of these in a all in one solution.

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800 kVA 3 Phase Voltage Regulator

This is a 800kva 3 phase unit recently ordered on Tortech P/L.
It is 380v +/-20% input and 380v +/-2% output at 50Hz. It weighs over 1000kg . It has a small computer to control the output. The complete unit is housed in a IP20 enclosure.

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