Voltage Transformers (VTs) are used to transform high voltage to low voltage. They are used for electric energy metering, voltage control, high voltage protection.

These Vts are manufactured according to IEC 60044 and AS60044.


  • Voltage range – up to 33kVDry type (can be supplied with HV Fuses).
  • Voltage Transformers can be manufactured as single phase, two phase or three phase.
  • Insulation Class up to Class B (130°C).
  • Voltage Transformers with multiple secondary windings can be made.
  • Voltage Transformers can be supplied indoor and outdoor application. The outdoor application can be for various degrees of protection (IP20 up to IP68). For indoor unenclosed based on the requirement.
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Tested for partial discharge in Tortech Lab in Sydney.
  • High voltage testing up to 70kV
  • Induced testing at elevated frequency up to 400hz.