Ensuring you select the correct voltage converter for your device / appliance is very important. In order for us to make this easier for our customers we’ve developed a voltage converter calculator which takes information provided by you and returns the recommended voltage converter. If you don’t feel the returned result is correct or are still have doubts there is an option at the last step to contact an engineer with the information you’ve supplied and one of our team will respond and assist you further with your voltage converter needs.

You can also see our handy guide table at the bottom of the page with many USA devices makes and models and the common stepdowns recommended.

Voltage Converter Selector

Voltage Converter Selector

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Still Not sure which voltage converter you will need? See our detailed guide table at the bottom of this page

You may also  contact us with your reply to above questions & we will advise the unit that is required.

Note: Always look at the INPUT POWER rating – often underneath the bottom of your product on a spec label.

  • USA Equipment is identified as 110v, 115v , 120v  (requires a USA stepdown)    
  • Japan 100V (requires a Japan stepdown ) or 110V  
  • European 220v (requires a Euro stepdown)

Wattage – you need to check the Input Power Rating label on their Product  for the Watts (W) or the Amps (A) figures.If you see the HP (horse power) for a motor multiply it be 746 for watts then add 25% for motor. See here for answers to other common questions.

If you can’t find the power details in the manual the most accurate way is to look at the spec label under your USA appliance to identify the Input Watts or Amps:

Product Rating Examples


Please check these important 5 questions before purchasing your voltage converter:

Select from our Step downs transformers based on how many watts your device uses. 

Choose the transformer rated above your devices watts usage.

E.g: Playstation 3 uses 380 Watts so you need the 500 watt rated stepdown transformer.

If a motor is included then you should select a stepdown rating approx 25% higher than your motor as a buffer.  

Motors have a higher power use on the stepdowns and startup currents which need to be allowed for.

Most motors have a rating plate on them with their Power and Amperage rating.

If so, how critical is this timing device?The Transformer cannot change the Frequency. It is 50Hz

If a timing device is included the speed of the device may change due to the frequency change, 60Hz to 50Hz (eg old clocks, motors / fans/microwaves ) Most modern electronic devices should not be affected. Read more about frequency

Calculated as Watts = Amps x 110Volts  (eg 5 A x 110 V = 550 watts)

Check total watts of all devices this must be less than the VA (Watt) rating of the stepdown & get a US Powerboard. 

Product Guide

The following is a general guide to products and their power requirements and which voltage converter is needed.

Products Stepdown Transformer commonly needed
NES: 9 watts
Super NES: 10 watts
Nintendo 64: 19 watts
GameCube: 39 watts
Nintendo Wii: 45 watts
PlayStation 3 Slim: 96 watts

Clock radio 4 watts

100w stepdown
Desktop PC 380-600watts
PlayStation 3: 200-380 watts

Playstation 4 2.1A, or 252W maximum.

Xbox 360 Elite (2007): 185 watts
Xbox 360: 187 watts
XBOX 360 – 160 watts
Average PC: 118 watts
DirecTV HR20 DVR: 33 watts
Average plasma: 301 watts
Average LCD (standard): 111 watts
Average LCD (LED): 101 watts
50-56″ Plasma television 191-474 watts
50-56″ LCD television 210-322 watts
50-56″ DLP television 150-206 watts
42″ Plasma television 188-464 watts
42″ LCD television 91-236 watts
32″ LCD television 98-156 watts
19″ CRT television 55-90 watts

300- 500w stepdown
Brother Sewing Machines100w Stepdown
Small electronics  ipods/mobiles etc 50-250watts100w stepdown
Amplifiers  / Home theatre systems500-1000w stepdown
Hair Straightners1000 – 1500w
Hair Dryers1500- 2000W
Drills – Makita , Dewalt 300 w stepdown (because faster charger draws alot of current)

Nutribullet Pro 900 Series 900W motor 

Nutri Bullet NBR-12 600-Watt motor

Nutri Ninja BL480 1000w

1500w stepdown

1000w stepdown

1500w stepdowm

Laptops and PCs 200-500W500 w stepdown

Cuisinart PowerEdge 1000 Watt Blender. CBT-100


 1500w stepdown


KitchenAid Mixers:

All Artisans series use the 500w stepdown transformer






Most of the professional series need 1000w stepdown transformer


New Kitchen aid 7 Quart Stand Mixer  series

KSM7990WH   1.3 hp motor (Max 1212) watts

7 Series Quart Mixers need the 1500w stepdown

KitchenAid Food Processors:

KFPM770 KFPM750 KFP0711 KFP1333ER KFPW760OB  KFP0922CU

KSM7990WH  has a 1.3 hp DC motor = 969w + 25% for motor = 1212 watt max – needs 1500w stepdown

 1000w stepdown transformer

1500w stepdown

4-slot Toaster 1440 watts1500w stepdown
Jiffy Steam mops 2000JSteamers 1500W+(1300w)1500- 2000W stepdown

Vacuums ~1500 -2000 wattsDyson:

The Dyson DC39 Allergy uses 11amps – can use 1500w stepdown.

Most other Dyson models consume about 12amps

12 x 110 = 1320 + 25% (motor startup) = max  1650 watts best use the 2000w stepdown

2000w stepdown needed for models :

DC 41 Animal Complete   DC 41 Animal  DC 40 Multi floor  DC 33 Multi floor
DC 28 Animal  DC 25 Multi Floor  DC 24 Animal 12 Amps   DC 24 Multi Floor

2000 W stepdown
Expresso Maker 900- 1400 watts1000- 1500w stepdown

VitaMix Blenders

All have powerful motors need to add 25% to watts to account for startup surge
Vitamix 5200  11.5 ampsx 110 + 25%  = max 1581 watts

Vitamix 500 Blender Specs: 120Volts, 60HZ, 11.5 Amps = max 1581 watts

VitaMix Pro 750 Specs: 120Volts, 60HZ, 12 Amps = max 1718 watts

Vitamix 7500 :  1,440-watt, 2.2 hp

Pro 300 120Volts, 60HZ, 12 Amps   = max 1718 watts

Vita-Mix® Professional CIA Series & Pro 200 Blenders 120Volts, 60HZ, 11.5 Amps (~1400 Watts)

Vita Prep 3 new models

(although it says 12.5 amp Not true max power! 3HP motor   3 x 746w = 2238w

2000W Stepdown 







2400W stepdown

Artograph Super Prism Projectors ( 2 bulbs)Artograph Prism1000W stepdown
Most treadmills  (up to 15 amps)over 15 amps2000w stepdown 2400w stepdown

Power tools

Drop saw /circular saws


1500- 2000W stepdown