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Single to Three Phase Converters – For locations where three phase power is not available to your property or area, our Converters are designed to produce a balanced 415 Volts AC Three Phase output power from a 240 Volts AC Single Phase supply or 480 Volts Dual Phase / Split Phase / Rural supply.

Tortech has over 35 years experience with transformers, where we have applied this specialised knowledge to develop reliable, proven, low maintenance and efficient (94%-96%) converter machines.

Please ensure that the Single Phase supply (supply authority or alternator) has the required current capacity to supply the current demand of your 415V 3 Phase machine, otherwise it may limit the functionality of the converter and machine.

The tables below specify the Single Phase current needed for converter unit in the column ‘1PH Input Current Required’.

For further information about our converter on availability and pricing, please ensure you have the Rating plate or Specifications of your 3 Phase machine, as well as what Single Phase input supply you currently have installed.

Once you have this information, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, email or use our Design Form webpage.

ME model converters are suitable for 3 Phase motor machines such as:

S. NOModel No1PH Iput Current
KWHP3PH Output Current
Dimensions (l x w x h)Weight
1MMT2.2-ME15A2.2kW3.0HP3.1A810mm x 410mm x 360mm50kg
2MMT3-ME20A3kW4.0HP4.1A810mm x 410mm x 360mm55kg
3MMT4-ME20A4kW5.0HP5.5A810mm x 410mm x 360mm70kg
4MMT5.5-ME30A5.5kW7.5HP7.7A810mm x 410mm x 360mm100kg
5MMT8-ME40A8kW10HP11.7A810mm x 410mm x 360mm110kg

MT model converters are suitable for:

S. NOModel No1PH Iput Current
KWHP3PH Output Current
Dimensions (l x w x h)Weight
6MMT4-MT20A4kW5.0HP5.5A810mm x 410mm x 360mm70kg
7MMT8-MT40A8kW10HP11.7A810mm x 410mm x 360mm110kg
8MMT11-MT60A11kW15.3HP15.3A1200mm x 1200mm x 500mm135kg
9MMT16-MT80A16kW22.2HP22.2A1200mm x 1200mm x 500mm150kg
10MMT24-MT100A24kW33.4HP33.4A1200mm x 1200mm x 500mm220kg
Unit comes inside an IP22 indoor type vented powder coated metal enclosure.
3 Phase Plug (optional)
10HP throughput Complete Single to 3 Phase Converter Part No. MMT8-0

Breakdown of how our Single to Three Phase Converter operates:

Our Converters are designed and built to act as a complete system using the following stages: Input > Transformer > Module > Idler Motor – (the Idle Motor works as a regulator on the module) > Output.

Each component is explained in greater detail below:

Note: Air conditioners often present themselves as a purely resistive load to the converter. They may need an extra idler motor (pilot motor) in the converter in order to run at full power.

Our converter ME and MT units from 2.2kW to 8kW will have all parts assembled within the IP22 Indoor Enclosure. The MT Converter of rating 11kW, 16kW and 24kW must have the idler motor mounted outside of the enclosure box onto a pallet frame. This is reflected in the photograph below:

We can sell all the components separately if you wish to assemble the complete converter yourself. However, please note we offer a discount when purchasing the complete unit.

Specification sheets on the complete units here.

Types of Converter Modules:

There are 2 different kinds of Modules Available based on your application:

  1. ME: Deliver unbalanced three phase voltages, sufficient for machine with three-phase motors.
  2. MT: Produces balanced three-phase voltages for VFD. welders, plasma cutters, inverter based machines (CNC, air conditioning, heat pumps) and for motors running under extreme loads.

Download Module Comparison Sheet

Converter modules only contain the thyristor module and the capacitors, prewired and tested. Both ME and MT modules use the multi thyristor stages to keep three-phase output voltages balanced.

Details about Converter Modules:

ME module output voltages are not electronically balanced. This is acceptable with average machines and motors such as a lathe, milling machine, table saw, planer, sander, thicknesser, dust extractor, heat pump, guillotine, edge bander,  punch, shear, air conditioner, mill, car hoist, spindle moulder, router, cutter, surface grinder, polishing machine, refrigerated shipping container, printer, combination woodworking machine, press brake, folder, band saw, pressure washer, compressor, tyre machines. Machines may have control contactors, but the supply voltage on a control transformer must be set to 240V (tap). ME can be used for multi-motor application and allows motors to produce full torque.

MT module is produces digitally balanced three phase voltages for Eelders, CNC, VFDs, Plasma Cutters, Heat Pumps and Motors running under highest loads of higher than 80% of the Motors name plate rating and/or for extended periods of time. 

All ME and MT modules produce high boost currents to accelerate or reverse motors fast.

Modules ride through brown-outs, short circuits, power surges and all kind of “dirty power” found on SWER lines. They are highly resilient as long as protected by the correct circuit breaker.

Voltages are true pure sine waves: No harmonics, no disturbances, no electromagnetic radiation (EMC), no harm to your equipment or power lines. Module efficiency is above 96%. Phase angles are 120 degrees.

The load motor must be in delta configuration (almost all the motors for 50Hz below 3kW are Delta when set to 240V). Changing a motor from one voltage to another takes a few minutes. Instructions are inside the motor’s terminal box. 

Module ME Specification Sheet  

Installation of the M Module

For pricing, availability and further technical assistance, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form.

Looking for an alternative option under 4kw for under $1000AUD? See our alternative solution a VFD.

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3 reviews for Single to Three Phase Converter

  1. John

    Thank-you tortech got a single to three phase converter 3KW for the farm and works like a bute!
    This is one robust well made unit! Feel relieved that i was actually able to talk you guys about my requirements
    prior to purchasing and that you are aussie based so i have no worries!

  2. Shane Charleson

    I can report this converter is working well to operate my 3 Phase lathe.
    I explained at length my power specifications and the unit was built accordingly.
    I did required technical support during installation and Bob was helpful here.

  3. Gary Suter

    I have been using a 2.2Kw unit for some four years now on a Felder combination bench saw. A very demanding use being a 3 phase motor driving a large saw blade. The TorTec has been operating flawlessly.

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