RCD Isolation Transformer

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If you have problems when performing RCD testing, by tripping other RCD’s upstream, then you need a Isolation Transformer. However a standard Isolation Transformer will not solve the Problem.

A SPECIAL Isolation transformer unit is needed for  RCD TESTING Purposes.

By definition an Isolated transformer means there are two separate insulated windings. (Double Wound)

Also it means there is NO EARTH provided on the output side.

This Means RCD devices will not work Correctly on the Output of an Isolation Transformer.

They will Give No Earth or incorrect results.

We have a special modification to the isolated transformer to make it  suitable for RCD Testing.

So  ELCB / RCD devices will then be able to be tested without affecting other devices further up the supply line from the device that is being tested.

Below: Illustration of a Standard Isolation Transformer set up showing input mains connections, and the isolated ouput to the User. This will not work with RCD’s.

Isolation Transformer for RCD Testing Applications.

This unit will allow you to Safely Test RCD’s on Power Circuits without Triping the Upline RCD’s on the Mains or Input Circuits.

Fully Isolated Input to Output, for safety and avoids Tripping RCD’s upline of the unit, but allows RCD’s to work correctly.

Comes with Carry Handle, Single 240V 10A GPO socket.

1A: Case Size: 180 * 160 *105 mm  Weight Approx 5 kg.
2A: Case Size: 210 * 160 *130 mm  Weight Approx 8 kg.

Note:  This unit is for RCD Testing of Appliances & Devices, Not Load Testing. For Load Testing see our Standard Isolation Transformer Range.

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