Designed for industrial use, all our transformers come with a 12 month Warranty.

We offer testing and customer support from our office in Sydney.

Our quality commitment ensures that our products are manufactured to ISO9001 standards.

  1. Our isolation transformers are made and tested to Australian Standard AUS / NZS 61558.1:2008

  2. EESS Approval – RCM tick of approval demonstrates Tortech Pty Ltd’s commitment to Electrical Safety and meeting EESS Safety Legislation and Compliances, read more.

  3. Our toroidal based transformers (donut/round shaped) are much more energy efficient over the EI (square transformers)
    The reason the Tortech range(>100va ratings) has such low idle current and idle watts l oss is due to the core construction of the toroidal transformer magnetic core.  The toroidal transformer uses better quality core steel (grain orientated silicon steel) that has lower losses than conventional EI transformers and the toroid transformer has no air  gaps in the magnetic path of the core  further reducing the losses due to an unimpeded path for the magnetic flux to circulate. Click here see the energy efficiency ratings calculations of our transformer Idle/no load currents.

  4. Important: Tortech stepdown transformers are rated at a continuous rating.
    This means the transformers are designed to run at full rating as designated for 24 hours continuously.
    Unlike others we do not deceive customers by offering a short time rated rating, where the transformer can not operate for periods longer then an hour at maximum rating.

    For Example: A 2000w stepdown that runs for 1 hour at 2000w and then drops to 1400w rating continuous after.

    This is a very important difference between Tortech units and we believe it is false advertising to offer otherwise.   All tortech stepdowns are guaranteed to run at maximum rating continuously.

  5. We use 2 METHODS OF SAFETY PROTECTION on our transformers:
    1. Our Step Down Transformers use a fuse for short circuit protection and overload current conditions.
      This is to handle a very large increase in overload current.
    2. Thermal over load protection  is the second method of protection with every enclosed transformer.
      The transformer has incorporated into the primary circuit, a thermal overload switch which monitors the internal temperature of the toroidal transformer. It is in the primary circuit. If the temperature reaches 1300c ± 50c the switch will open. If the temperature cools down to 800c ± 50c the internal switch will remake the circuit and allow the supply of current to the 240v input circuit of the transformer. This switch will cycle on/off as long as the transformer is too hot due to the overload condition. The overload condition means the transformer is being used at a higher output load than what the transformer is rated for (eg 600VA instead of 500VA).

  6. C Tick Approved Meets the standards Electromagnetic Interference for electrical and electronic equipment


  7. All units isolated and auto (economy) are all tested in our calibrated laboratory  at Tortech in Sydney.


  8. All designs are prepared by our qualified electrical engineers in Tortech, mechanical finish and all electrical parameters on a statistical basis.

  9. We carry ISO9001 quality certification to prove our factory and laboratory are QA accredited.

  10. We audited once a year by Global Mark for quality assurance.

  11. All our electrical measurements are made on calibrated instruments which insure our accuracy.

  12. We have full time technicians testing all our products take ensure they reach they reach the highest electrical & mechanical standards.

  13. Many of our tailored made products have been tested in our laboratory and in a NATA registered laboratory.

  14. Many transformer companies within Australia rely on quality Tortech products for resale.

  15. We supply stepdown transformers to the USA embassy and USA consulates in the asia pacific as certified partner and supplier of transformers.
Tortech is proud to offer ISO9001 quality certification (see certificate above).
This guarantees all products manufactured byTortech are made to the highest manufacturing standards.
Inside our test lab.