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Answer – Yes All our Transformers support USA equipment 110v-120v
Our stepdowns run at 110v because of the numerous safety advantages for your USA equipment:

  1. The supply of power and it’s  voltage in Australia is 240v +/-6%. This means aussie power can vary above or below 240v.
    So it can legally vary up to 255v at 50Hz.
    The transformer is a linear device so the output voltage responds to the change in the input voltage. This a means the  output voltage (110v) will go to 116.8v if the transformer is loaded.
    By running at a slightly lower voltage this indirectly reduces the change of input voltage fluctuations.

  2. If it is lightly loaded this voltage will go even higher to 124V . If we used 120v as the transformer output voltage, the appliance could be overvoltaged to  134v
    This is may not good be for the longevity  of the appliance.
    If the appliance is a motor, the matter is it subject to the affect of frequency change from 60Hz(USA frequency) to 50Hz(Australian frequency).
    To alleviate the frequency affect it helpful to reduce the voltage from 120v to 110v, to reduce the induction level in the motor. The magnetics of the motor will then not run as hot as it would if it was run at 120v

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If your transformer has stopped working it might be due to a blown fuse. All of our transformers are supplied with two replacement fuses, if you’d like to view our how-to guide on replacing the fuse, please click here.

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Yes, our team of Engineers are more than happy to help test your device and find the correct Transformer for you.

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Our Tortech Transformers are packed with 2 spare fuses – see this procedure.