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For our full range of products, including our voltage converters for your overseas appliance requiring a step down or step up transformer.

Custom Designed & Manufactured Transformers

Do you require a transformer that needs to be custom designed and manufactured for your specific application or project?

Our Custom Three Phase Transformers

Whether you're wanting to convert single phase to three phase, need a distribution or railway transformer. We have the solution!

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Design and Consulting

Tortech Pty Ltd specialises in designing custom made and stock standard transformers utilising the vast knowledge and technical experience of its Engineering team.

CAD Drawings and Designs

Our Engineering team are highly proficient at designing and constructing full 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawings.


Tortech’s testing facility is fully capable of testing all Single Phase and Three Phase Transformers and Inductors.

We've worked with numerous companies to bring their projects to life, will you be next?

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What's our drive ?

Many companies know WHAT they make. Some companies know HOW they make those products. But not many companies know WHY they make those products!

We make transformers at Tortech because we love making them. Tortech provides quality transformers, professional service to suit all your power needs. We enjoy the satisfaction of delivering a great finished product that we are proud of to our customer!
Michael Larkin
Director | Tortech Pty Ltd