Intelligent Single Output Battery Charger

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Battery Charger – Tortech now supplies a variety of single phase battery chargers designed to replace the need for a three phase charger.

With out single phase battery charger, you won’t need a three phase outlet to charge your forklift traction battery!

  1. This has the advantage of being able to bypass the need for a three phase outlet if they are not available.
  2. The charger unit’s are very convenient as they are small and lightweight, allowing you to also connect to any normal 10Amp 240V outlet.
  3. The 600W and 1000W models have a smart 8-stage charge cycle option with battery pulse supply and equalisation (desulphation) options. What does this mean? These chargers can help refurbish your tired battery.

We now stock the 1000W 48VDC,  24VDC and 12VDC Tortech battery chargers which is capable of charging large forklift batteries from a single phase source (240VAC 10Amp GPO outlet).

An example of how the battery charger is suitable for forklift batteries is as follows:

The 48VDC 1000w charger will charge a 48VDC 630Amp hour forklift battery and bring it back to a very good SOC (state of charge) over a charge period of approximately 10 hours (if battery is close to fully depleted).

A good SOC means the battery voltage after more than 3 hours after completion of the charging period, will have a DC voltage of more than 50.8VDC. This represents a 100% SOC.

Now, we recommend the use of a 240VAC 10A timer, so you can use the off peak rate of electricity do reduce the cost of electricity during the charge period. This is straight forward.

You just plug in the 240VAC lead of the charger into the 240VAC timer, which inturn plugs into the 10A 240VAC GPO outlet.

Main Features :

  • Up to 8 stage charging -reconditioning battery charger 
  • AC Input 115/230VAC selected by switch / Full range AC input for larger unit
  • Built-in passive PFC function compliance to EN61000-3-2 Class A / Active PFC function PF>0.95 for larger unit
  • Protection: Short circuit / Reverse polarity / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • Charger for lead-acid batteries
  • 2-Bank charger for 1000watt unit
  • 2 or 3 color LED loading indicator
  • Low cost, High reliability
  • Fan on/off control (Depends on charging current)
  • 1 year warranty

The PB battery charger is unique and adapts the latest micro-controller power management technology to efficiently charge and revive lead-acid batteries. These battery chargers (600W and 1000W) use an 8-stage charging cycle which incorporates pulse, soft start, constant current, constant voltage, analysis, recondition, float and maintain states.This advanced technology when used in conjunction with protection features such as misconnection (wrong voltage), reverse polarity, battery disconnection and battery failure analysis makes this charger a very popular product. This charger comes in a range of power and voltage configuration depending on the size and the voltage rating of the battery.

This charger is highly recommended for stand-alone systems which use a battery buffer to constantly charge and discharge. It is important to note that whilst the charger has an intelligent 8-stage charging technology, it still remains light and portable. There are 3 curves used in charging depending on the time available to charge. (Note: only 600W and 1000W battery chargers have 3 different types of charging curves, 300W and 360W only have 1 charging curve which is 3 stage charging.)

  • 2 stage charging – this can be used to charge batteries where the time is a constraint. This is quick and convenient.
  • 3 stage charging – this can be used to charge batteries and maintain the charge (quick + float).
  • 8-stage charging – this can be used to optimise charging. This is highly recommended as it ensures battery longevity. 8-stage battery charging will ensure that each cell has identical voltage. This cycle incorporates equalisation of battery cells which enables the prevention of a short-battery life.

Battery charging from the mains can also be optimised using a timer to charge during off-peak, resulting in savings over a period of time.

8-stage battery charging:

It can be noted that multi-stage charging is common amongst several battery chargers available in the industry today. However, an 8 stage charging with frequent battery analysis to ensure optimisation and longevity of the battery is provided only by this charger. Some of the advantages are outlined below.

  • Pulse-stage: This stage is used to resuscitate aged batteries.
  • Recondition stage: Permits full charge of battery.
  • Float and maintain stage: This ensures that the user will always have a fully charged battery to depend on.

This charge is highly recommended for use with our TPS inverters in a stand-alone system if user wants to simultaneously charge and discharge from batteries. This charger has the capability to fully charge your battery to its optimum charged state and increases the life of the battery.

Part NumberBoost Charge Output Voltage (DC)Dimensions (l x w x h)Weight
PB-300P-1214.4V - 20.8A253mm x 135mm x 48.5mm1.45kg
PB-300P-2428.8V - 10.5A253mm x 135mm x 48.5mm1.45kg
PB-300P-4857.6V - 5.3A253mm x 135mm x 48.5mm1.45kg
PB-360P-1214.4V - 24.3A253mm x 135mm x 48.5mm1.5kg
PB-360-2428.8V - 12.5A253mm x 135mm x 48.5mm1.5kg
PB-360P-4857.6V - 6.25A253mm x 135mm x 48.5mm1.5kg
PB-600-1214.4V - 40A230mm x 158mm x 67mm2.2kg
PB-600-2428.8V - 21A230mm x 158mm x 67mm2.2kg
PB-600-4857.6V - 10.5A230mm x 158mm x 67mm2.2kg
PB-1000-1214.4V - 60A300mm x 184mm x 70mm3.5kg
PB-1000-2428.8V - 34.7A300mm x 184mm x 70mm3.5kg
PB-1000-4857.6V - 17.4A300mm x 184mm x 70mm3.5kg
Charging Forklift
Charging Forklift (close up)

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300W, 360W, 600W, 1000W


12V, 24V, 48V

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  1. D Jim Paterson

    It is such a long time since we purchased the unit It is hard to remember the transaction. We were flying blind because that manufacturer of our previously reliable Battery charge had stopped manufacturing 48V chargers and we needed one to keep our 8 metre commercial launch operational We found the team at TorTech extremely co-operative and keen to solve our problem. We were able to pay by bank transfer in order to expedite the deal. The battery charger arrived with in a day or so . It has proven to be reliable in service and we have no hesitation in recommending the TorTech service or their products.

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