Neon Transformer

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Neon Transformer

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Neon Transformer – Tortech supplies a variety of ‘siet’ Neon Transformers or “Metalbox” units with a 240V input and outputs ranging from 1kV up to 15kV in either 25/30mA & 50/60mA (depending on the model). These type of high voltage transformers are designed for use with Neon signs and other applications that require a high voltage to operate.


Benefits of the Metallic Box:
  • Protects the resin against atmospheric agents
  • Contains thermal dilation of the resin
  • Highly resistant to atmosphic agents
  • Rated IP44. Suitable for Exterior & Interior Use
  • Protects against EMF interference
  • Case offers mechanical protection
  • Ground connecting case
  • Australian Certificate of Suitability Number: CS6480N

Siet transformers are designed and manufactured with the advanced technology of an electronically controlled impregnation under high vacuum process. This high vacuum process uses a special epoxy resin with filling compounds. The purpose of this procedure and the chemicals used are to help ensure that the transformers have superb thermal conductivity and excellent dielectric characteristics when in use.

The metal case that embodies the unit functions as a highly efficient way to dissipate the heat from the transformer during operation, and avoiding any possibility of cracks along the body due to distortion caused by excessive heat. This IP44 rated metal case ensures the transformers are superior at protecting the transformer against heat damage and atmospheric agents in compared to other products on the market that are resin block type construction.

The Metalbox transformers are also built in a mould and are not welded box in order to avoid any rust. The safety mechanism known as a bipolar knife switch is built into the lid to interrupt power supply once the lid is open.

Once you have this information, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form webpage.

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4kV 25mA, 5kV 25mA, 7.5kV 25mA, 9kV 25mA, 10kV 25mA, 12kV 25mA, 15kV 25mA

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2 reviews for Neon Transformer

  1. Jason

    Bought these a while ago from tortech, used im my neon lighting signs.
    Work well.

  2. Alan

    Run like a beauty. Thank-you i was looking for these everywhere. Well made and prompt delivery

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