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Toroidal PCB Transformer

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Toroidal PCB Mount Transformer – The PCB type of transformer is a fully enclosed PCB mounted toroidal transformer which are designed for a dual primary winding input of 115 Volt AC 50/60Hz or 120 Volt AV 50/60Hz. These primary windings allow for the windings to be configured as a series connection of 230 Volt or 240 Volt input supply, or in parallel connection for 115 Volt or 120 Volt input supply.

The PCB model offer a range of low voltage outputs ranging from dual 7V secondary windings to dual 22V secondary windings. This gives the flexibility to choose the correct output you require. All units are low power of 1.6VA to 25VA. As this transformer is quite light weight and small in size, they can be quite ideal for optimising space as well as offering low magnetic interference, low noise and high efficiency. An M4 central bush allows for easy mounting.

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RatingL x W x H (mm)KG
1.6 VA39.6 x 39.6 18.50.82
3.2 VA44.7 x 44.7 x 19.51.1
5 VA49.7 x 49.7 x 19.51.44
7 VA49.7 x 49.7 x 23.11.74
10 VA55 x 55 x 262.52
15 VA60 x 60 x 26.33.04
25 VA60 x 60 x 37.54.35
35 VA72 x 72 x 37.55.25
50 VA82.4 x 82.4 x 37.56.85

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Weight0.25 kg
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1.6VA 2*115V/2*7V, 1.6VA 2*115V/2*22V, 3.2VA 2*115V/2*7V, 3.2VA 2*115V/2*9V, 3.2VA 2*115V/2*12V, 3.2VA 2*115V/2*15V, 7VA 2*115V/2*12V, 7VA 2*115V/2*15V, 15VA 2*115V/2*9V, 25VA 2*115V/2*12V, 25VA 2*115V/2*18V, 15VA 2*120V/2*12V

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  1. Peter

    Replacement transformer supplied as required for circuit board replacement. Prompt shipping and service.

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