UNSW “Transformers: Metering, Heating and Harmonics” Presentation

On the 28th March, 2019, Michael Larkin who is MD of Tortech visited the University of New South Wales to give a presentation of Harmonics in Transformers.

We would like to thank Professor Toan & Lui for inviting Michael as a guest lecturer. Michael gave a lively discussion to Electrical Engineering staff and students on the problems that can affect transformers from harmonics.

This topic is becoming increasingly relevant in this era of energy efficiency amongst the challenges of harmonic interference. Tortech and UNSW have formed a strong relationship in a pursuit to nurture the practical and professional development of young engineering students.

The video shows the start of the presentation of Michael addressing the students, and also some photos of Michael, Tortech with the UNSW students and Professors Toan and Lui.

Michael would like to also thanks the support of his staff and he is shown with two Tortech staff members who joined the company. These staff members are Baaskar who started as an intern and Majid who is our current R&D engineer.

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