3 phase Outdoor 22Kv 100A Metering Unit Epoxy Cast

This is the latest edition to the range of HV outdoor epoxy cast products to the Tortech range.
It is made from cyclo-aliphatic epoxy resin. It is UV resistant.
It is 22kv ph-ph 50hz rated
100Amp per phase.
The voltage ratio is 22kv/1.73-110v /1.73 70va burden class 0.5M
Voltage factor is 1.9 for 30 sec
Partial discharge less than 10pC at 1.3 x rated voltage
HV test level is 50Kv
Impulse level is 125kvP

Surge diverter can be added for each phase.

NATA testing can be included

It is ideal for a renewable energy project metering application.Why is this design significant?
It is half the weight of an equivalent oil impregnated unit.
It is half the volume of an equivalent oil impregnated unit.

This is the future of pole mounted 3 phase metering units for renewable energy application.

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