66kv Outdoor CTS Current Transformer


Core 1 200/3001 0.2M 15Va

Core 2 1000/1 0.5S 15va

Core 3 500/1 5P20 20Va 2 ohms

Core 4 500/15P20 20VA

Quantity=6 600A rated


Core1 600/400/1 0.03PX1055R3 600/1

Core2 600/400/1 0.03PX1005R3 600/1

Weight per unit 470kg

Standard: AS60044.1

Impulse level 325kvp

HV test level 140Kv

Partial  discharge test level 50.2Kv and 87Kv rms.

Tested at our purpose buildt Tortech laboratory in Sydney.

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