Single to Three phase Converter design updates

Our Single to three Phase Converters have had numerous design enhancements:

  • New Input D curve Breaker on 240 Volts single phase – offering protection of the inductive circuit.
  • Improved electronic module with higher rated capacitors and bigger power rated controller with open box arrangement .
  • The new external boxes have an  improved ventilation design, that allows for increased cooling and the Australian environment.
  • The air is fan forced across all components: transformer plus capacitors and switching triacs.
  • The new capacitor assembly is completely  open and allows air to pass over all the capacitors to cool them more affectively.
  • The switching Triacs also are cooled better due to the increased forced air flow.

Note: the secret to longevity of the converter is to keep the components cool.

When installing your converter it is best to ensure there if sufficient ventilation space around the unit.

See our converter page here.

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