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AC Plug Pack – AC Power supplies are difficult to find due to the variety of DC voltage outputs that can be designed. Tortech has selected a number of different power supplies which we believe are suitable options for DC appliances.

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3-12V DC, 12V AC, 14V AC, 15V DC, 16V AC, 15V AC, 17V AC, 19V AC


0.1A, 3A, 1.5A, 1A, 0.8A, 5A, 4A

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2 reviews for AC Plug Pack

  1. Clayton Gieseler (verified owner)

    Excellent unit.
    I manufacture low noise PSU’s for DAC’s & audio related devices so I need an Aus approved external power transformer & this is perfect.
    Powered with this transformer my PSU outputs 18v DC up to 4A.
    The reset-able circuit breaker on the transformer is a nice addition too.
    Highly recommended.

  2. Peter MacGregor (verified owner)

    Excellent Australian wall transformer (brick) to reduce 240V AC down to 17V AC to run my MTH American model train transformer/speed controller (O Gauge).
    Output plug/pin is exactly the right size to fit straight into the connection at the back of the MTH speed control unit, which then delivers variable voltage to the track to run the trains.
    The re-settable thermal circuit breaker is also a very good addition. This Australian made step-down transformer has the same specifications as the American version, but is built to handle our 240V power grid instead of the 110V system used in America.
    My only complaint is the lack of communication from this company. I sent a customer inquiry E-mail through their online system asking someone to contact me regarding the specifications etc, just to make sure I was purchasing the correct transformer but, to-date, I still have not received any communication from them.
    In the end I went ahead and purchased the transformer directly from their on-line store, and hoped for the best. Fortunately everything worked out well, and it does power the MTH controller, as well as all of the feature buttons on the controller – the horn button, whistle button, and the direction button.

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