Single to Three Phase Converters – PRODUCE 415V 3 PHASE POWER FROM 240V SINGLE PHASE (or 480V Dual Phase/Split phase/rural supply)

Create 3 phase power for your shed, workshop or your factory from single phase mains 240v supply.
No extra components necessary, simply hard wire your 240v through a suitable delay type circuit breaker and hard wire the output to your 3 phase machine/circuit.
All our single to three Phase Converters use the original High Quality Solid State Controllers.

These Controllers have been available for over 10 years and thousands are in service around the world.

All units come with a 5 Year Australian Warranty with local servicing and support. Please contact your sales engineers on (02) 9642 6003 for a quote and to check lead time.

Most 4kW and 8kW models are available ex stock!!!!!! Sydney Warehouse.



Tortech has over 30 years experience, they are a reliable, proven, low maintenance and efficient (94%-96%) machine.
Simply connect to a single phase supply (Supply Authority or Alternator) with the required current capacity and 415V 3 phase is immediately available.
Power is only limited by the current capacity of the single phase supply. If unsure about the converter required, please contact our sales engineers with the rating plate information on your 3 phase machine.
Complete converters contain an electronic module, a transformer and an idler motor and are housed inside an IP22 indoor type ventilated enclosure :


Unit comes inside an IP22 indoor type vented powder coated metal enclosure.

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3 Phase plug optional

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How the complete converter works:
Transformer > Module > Idler motor – (the idle motor works as a regulator on the module)

The auto transformer creates single phase 415vac from incoming 240vac single phase mains supply.
415vac single phase output from the transformer then feeds into the solid state (ME or MT) module which in-turn creates 2 phase 415v phase shifted 120º. The module functions by adding several
start and run capacitors in and out of circuit depending on the load connected.
The output from the module energises an induction motor (idler motor – 2 pole 3000rpm) up to rated speed. The motor then acts as an generator and supplies the reactive power to the load.
The MT module has extra banks of capacitors and added switching devices to increase the number of stages of switching which results in a smoother waveform suited for CNC machines, VSD (Variable Speed Drives), VFD (Variable Frequency Drives), submersible pumps and other appliances that start on full load. (MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters etc).
The ME module is designed to supply 3 phase induction motors (lathes, hoist, wood working machine, panel saw, edge banders etc.). Please enquire with one of our friendly sales engineers if you are unsure about the type of unit required.
Note: Air conditioners often present themselves as a purely resistive load to the converter. They may need an extra idler motor (pilot motor) in the converter in order to run at full power.

We can sell all the components separately if you wish to assemble the complete converter yourself. However, please note we offer a discount when purchasing the complete unit.
Specification sheets on the complete units here.
Note: Auto Transformers are Available at the bottom of this page for ordering.
There are 3 different kinds of MODULES AVAILABLE based on your application:

ME : Deliver unbalanced three phase voltages, sufficient for machine with three-phase motors.
MT: Produces balanced three-phase voltages for VFD. welders, plasma cutters, inverter based machines (CNC, air conditioning, heat pumps) and for motors running under extreme loads.
MODULE ‘S’: This is a low cost, electronically switched converter for running small and simple 240V three phase machine up to 3kw. Note: you will not be able to derive full torque using this converter. If full output power is required please refer to models ME and MT.

                  Note-  These are the electronic modules only not the complete 3 phase converter:

Download modules comparison sheet
Modules up to 24KW are supplied, hard wiring in/out to the single phase supply and 3 phase output. We offer a one year warranty and good back up service.
Converter modules only contain the thyristor module and the capacitors, prewired and tested.  The transformer and the motor can be added where the converter is needed.
Digital wall converter modules are                     
S  module (0.2-3kW), 240V 3phase power out                                      
ME module (4-8kW), 415V 3 phase power out                                        
MT or MF module (4-24kW balanced) 415V 3 phase power out.         
If your supply is 240V or 480V (rural single phase) non-stock auto transformer is required. M modules also require an idler motor.
For small Inexpensive Installations:
S modules produce 240V three-phase voltage for smaller (less than 3kw) machines.
The load motor must be in delta configuration (almost all the motors for 50Hz below 3kw are delta when set to 240V). Changing a motor from one voltage to another takes a few minutes. Instructions are inside the motor’s terminal box. Module S can be used with or without an idler motor, if the load motor matchs the module’s KW specification. Only 75% of the maximum torque can be produced without an idler motor.
S and ME module output voltages are not electronically balanced. This is acceptable with average machines and motors but not with CNC, welders, VFDs, plasma cutters and not when a motor has to run under continuous loads higher than 80% of the motors name plate power. 
MT modules produces digitally balanced three phase voltages for welders, VFDs, plasma cutters, heat pumps and motors running under highest loads for extended periods of time. 
All S, ME and MT modules produce high boost currents to accelerate or reverse motors fast. 
Modules meet Australian, NZ and world standards for electrical items. 
They are to be installed by an electrician. 
Modules ride through brown-outs, short circuits, power surges and all kind of “dirty power” found on SWER lines. They are indestructible as long as protected by the correct circuit breaker. 
Voltages are true pure sine waves: No harmonics, no disturbances, no electromagnetic radiation (EMC), no harm to your equipment or power lines. Module efficiency is above 96%. Phase angles are 120 degrees.
  Module S (240V out) pdf spec sheet  
 Installation Notes for S Module
Supply single phase 240V and output is three phase 240V. Use this module with a mill, saw, drill, sander, feeds, dust extractor, pumps and other small and simple machines. Machines may have control contactors, but the supply voltage on a control transformer must be set to 240V (tap).   
Series S can be used with or without an idler motor, if the load motor matches the module’s KW specification. 
S module with idler motor: 
Motors start fast and runs at full speed. Motor torque and power output is highest. Multiple motors or machines can be running at the same time, if the total power is within the power range of a module. A free-running idler motor is used as a motor-generator. It should be 2 pole, with foot mount, kW rating as shown in module’s specification. We recommend motors with German or Japanese bearings greased for life. Keep motor in a box or cover. The shaft is not necessary and can be removed for safety reasons.
S without idler motor:
Can only run one load motor only. The load motor must be in delta configuration 240V and must be high efficiency version.Motor must be in the range as the module’s maximum power, see module details. The load motor will accelerates slowly, but will run at full speed. It requires about twice the time to come to full speed compared to a module with an idler motor.A motor and a machine will run at full speed but maximum usable torque is only about 75%. 
Module S for motors 0.18 – 0.25,  0.37 – 0.55,  0.75 – 1.1,  1.5 – 2.2,  3kW. 
Module ME (415V out) pdf spec sheet  
Installation of the M Module
For the locations where 415V two-phases is not avaliable, a single-phase transformer is needed to convert 240V or 480V into 415V dual-phase. Then the two phases feeds into the module. M module will generate a third phase. When the idler motor starts, three phase output voltage of 415V between phases are present. ME can be used for multi-motor application and allows motors to produce full torque.  ME powers standard machines such as a lathe, milling machine, table saw, planer, sander, thicknesser, dust extractor, heat pump, guillotine, edge bander,  punch, shear, air conditioner, mill, car hoist, spindle moulder, router, cutter, surface grinder, polishing machine, refrigerated shipping container, printer, combination woodworking machine, press brake, folder, band saw, pressure washer, compressor, tyre machines. Do not use this for inverters, welders, CNC, VFDs, plasma cutters. Use a MT or MF version.Versions: 4kW = 5hp, 8kW = 11hp.
Module MT and MF (415V out and balanced) 
Module MT and MF use multi thyristor stages to keep three-phase output voltages precisely balanced. 
Run all motors or machines including inverter based machines such as CNC, MIG, TIG welders, VFDs, plasma cutters. Motors and inverters develop full power and maximum torque. Module sizes are 4kW, 8kW and 12kW.
Please enquire direct  or call us on (02) 9642 6003 for pricing
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