Why use an Isolation Transformer ?

Tortech makes a range of Isolation transformers from single phase 240v-240v up to 50kVA and 3 phase 415v-415v up to 500kVA. Also isolation transformers for medical & RCD testing purposes.

This Informative video on why to use an Isolation transformer, how they work and what applications they are appropriate for:

  • It can be used to cross check electrical calibrators for partial discharge.
  • It is suitable to connect in the high voltage test circuit.
  • All units are High Quality Toroidal Construction
  • Input voltage 240V ±10% 50Hz. Australian flex and plug
  • Output voltage nominal 240V Unregulated. All units are fully enclosed
  • One Australian female chassis socket Output. Extra Outlets Optionally Available
  • All units are double wound. Primary to Secondary fully Isolated
  • Earthing is NOT carried to Outlet Socket, hence Isolated and Floating
  • Incorporated soft start circuitry to eliminate inrush current problems during turn on available
  • All enclosures are metal, with white powder coat finish

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