Tortech – Winner of Best Transformer Design & Manufacturing Business in Australia APAC Awards 2022

We are proud to announce Tortech has won Best Transformer Design & Manufacturing Business APAC Award 2022.

Our Single Phase and Three Phase Transformers have been implemented into applications for Commercial, Defence, Medical, Mining, Light Rail & Railway Installation projects.

Tortech Pty Ltd specialises in designing custom made and stock standard transformers utilising the vast knowledge and technical experience of its Engineering team.

With decades of longevity & resilience, 2022 marks a milestone for Tortech as Australia’s leading transformer manufacturer.

  • We are capable of designs within the following scope:
  • Three Phase Dry Type Power Transformers up to 2.5MVA and 33kV ratings.
  • Single to Three Phase Converters up to 22kW.
  • Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers at MV and HV ratings.
  • Single Phase Toroidal Transformers up to 10kVA ratings.
  • Three Phase Inductors/Chokes.
  • Well done Tortech team for this achievment and award!

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