Tortech Testing Capabilities

Tortech’s testing facility is fully capable of testing all Single Phase and Three Phase Transformers and Inductors.

  • Highly specialised Partial Discharge testing up to 66kV voltages
  • Induced Variable Frequency testing from 50Hz to 390Hz
  • Temperature Rise testing recorded with data loggers. 
  • 1000A LV current supply for supply 3 ph. LV power to 3Ph transformers.
  • 100Kv coupling capacitors for partial discharge and voltage measurement.
  • Samgore partial discharge detector capable of measuring multiple phases at a time and able to “gate out” and filter out interference signals.
  • Samgore partial discharge calibrator.(5PC 10PC 100PC calibration levels)
  • 3Phase filter capable of filtering out interference signals from the supply circuit..
  • 100Kv HV pressure test. 1ph 10Kva rated.
  • Spark gap with water resistor capable of calibrating any HV supply up to 140KV peak.
  • 30Kva 3 phase linear amplifier to supply pure sine wave voltage at varying frequencies: 20-399hz.
  • Vector meter to check the vector connection and voltage error on 3ph and 1ph VTS and power transformers.
  • 1A-10A DC resistance meter with mobile Lithium rechargeable battery and with resistance shunt calibration capability.
  • Double induce IGBT 3 phase power supply for testing 1ph and 3ph power transformer. Capable of working at 10-400HZ. Built in INPUT and OUPUT protection provided.
  • Earthing circuit (checker plate metal base) connected to a special external separate earth grid.(separate to the input earth)

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