Tortech Step Down Transformer difference:

Tortech step down transformers are rated at a continuous rating.
The main difference with Tortech Transformer is that they are rated to run 24 Hours a day!
There is NO duty cycle – (a limit of where a transformer can maintain a rating for 1 hour).
Tortech voltage converters can run CONTINUOSLY as the stated ratings.

The transformer has a lower thermal temperature rise and an increase in material used in the core and windings.
This means the transformers are designed to run at full rating as designated for 24 hours continuously.
Unlike others we do not deceive customers by offering a short time rated rating, where the transformer can not operate for periods longer then an hour at maximum rating.
For Example: A 2000w stepdown that runs for 1 hour at 2000w and then drops to 1400w rating continuous after.
This is a very important difference between Tortech units and we believe it is false advertising to offer otherwise. 
  All tortech stepdowns are guaranteed to run at maximum rating continuously.

We use 2 METHODS OF SAFETY PROTECTION on our transformers:
Our Step Down Transformers use a fuse for short circuit protection and overload current conditions.
Thermal over load protection  is the second method of protection with every enclosed transformer.

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