Tortech AEEA 2020 Finalist

Tortech is proud to make a finalist for the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.

“The 2020 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards finalists represent outstanding achievement in engineering and the invaluable contribution engineering makes to the economy, community and the environment“.

600va 3 Phase Supply

It models the 3 phase 415v grid, as an output voltage of 41.5v phase to phase IT IS SAFE FOR STUDENTS In TAFE and UNI.

The grid voltage swing ( frequency, ph.-ph. volts  and ph.-N volts ) is built into the device.

The output is nominally rated at 600va  3ph.

You  can do 1phase and 3phase experiments with motors transformers and different loads in a very safe and overload protected environment.

The two most interesting points are:

1)the output voltage is safe at 24v ph.-N and 41.5v ph.-ph.

2)the input is from a standard 10A 240v GPO ; single phase outlet!

Innovative engineering projects from across Australia form this year’s list of finalists, with winners to be announced at a series of virtual award presentations taking place this September.

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