Q: Ive read “Never use a surge protector with a stepdown transformer”

You can use a 3 prong USA surge protector with tortech step down transformers , our step down transformers are different in that they have high quality UL approved polarised American sockets.

A lot of step down transformers available in the market have universal sockets with a universal socket you can plug the American plug in any way  (this may cause damage if plugged in the incorrect way)

Our transformers come with American input plugs not Universal plugs (unlike others on the market)  

This eliminates the probability of swapping the Active and neutral on the input.

Our transformers all have polarised American socket that eliminates these concerns when plugging in a surge protector.

However you must use a 3 PRONG UL approved American surge protector (2 straight parrallel with round earth – such as the one we sell)- not one with just 2 straight parallel.

Larger units of stepdowns have even more heavy duty 15 and 20amp rated  American sockets.

Q: Do your transformer support polarised Pins – i.e One USA Pin thicker then the other?

YES, all tortech stepdowns accept the thicker 3 prong USA Plugs.

All output sockets in all the USA and Japanese transformers are a polarised type – this means it is not possible to invert the active and neutral terminals. This is important in that the active circuit is the switched circuit. The active current is the “hot” wire. The sockets are polarised as the active and neutral slot are different sizes. Our units work with USA equipment with both 2 parallel prongs or the 2 prong and round Earth.
Note: The polarised pins will only fit one way into the transformer so you may need to flip them over or try one way around when you plug in.
Polarised Plug (One thicker then the other)support

Polarised Plug (One thicker then the other) support 3 prong