Single to Three Phase Converters

We have been busy in manufacturing working on multiple single to three phase converters for customers:

These robust units consist of a Transformer , Module & Idler Motor – the Idle Motor works as a regulator on the module.

As you can see from the breakdown image below each component is manufactured with quality in mind:

  • The 240V Single Phase supply is input into an Auto Transformer that converts the voltage into a 415V Single Phase.
  • Stepped up 415V Single Phase output from the Transformer then feeds into the Solid State (ME or MT) module.
  • Solid State Module uses 415V Single Phase with 120º phase shift. This is achieved through the use of several start and run capacitors in and out of the circuit, depending on the load connected.
  • Output from the module energises an Induction Motor (Idler Motor – 2 Pole 3000RPM) up to rated speed. The motor then acts as an generator and supplies the reactive power with balanced voltages to the output load.
  • ME module is designed to supply 3 Phase induction motors (Lathes, Hoists, Woodworking Machines, Panel Saws, Edgebanders etc.).
  • MT module has extra banks of capacitors and added switching devices to increase the number of stages of switching which results in a smoother waveform suited for CNC machines, VSD (Variable Speed Drives)

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