Single to Three phase Converter

Assembled and tested on load here at Tortech our single to three phase converters are an ideal cost effective solution to provide 3 phase power from single phase power.

Single to three phase converters also known as rotary phase converters, receives a single phase supply and an inductive motor generator is generally used to produce a three phase output.

The rotating generator uses single phase two-line power supply, adds another phase third line supply and creates the third phase with the help of capacitors placed before the motor.
All the phases are 120 degrees apart from each other (sine, cosine and tan) and thus gives a well balanced supply to a range a connected loads
These three phase converters are very efficient . They transform 97% of the total power into working power. Also, using rotary converters is very cost effective than using 3 phase lines all the way from the beginning

An alternative to the Rotary phase converter is a Variable frequency converter.

A VFD is used for low power applications (anything below 4KW) . The cost of a VFD is much less than a single to three phase converter.

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  1. Randy Dixon

    Can I use a VFD for single phase too 3 phase for 10 or 15 Horse power 3 phase motor

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