Kitchenaid mixers and frequency questions – Why Tortech transformers are a safer choice:

This is a common question sent in by people and we would like to respond to this.

We have been selling our stepdown transformers  for over 10 years for kitchenaid mixers and we are confident our units do not effect or damage your motors long term performance. Here’s why:

From our experience and in house testing kitchenaid mixers run perfectly even with the frequency difference (50hz in Australia) and this does not degrade or damage a USA kitchenaid mixer overtime.

Due to the frequency shift from 60 to 50hz this effects the heating in the motor due to the larger field in the magnetic circuit of the motor, however this has been compensated in our stepdowns by setting the input voltage at 110v not 120v to guarantee the longevity of the insulation structure of the motor by reducing the induction in the magnetic circuit of the motor. We offer a 1 year warranty on all our transformer range.

The output power will be reduced only at maximum setting to a degree. However it is our experience that tortech stepdown transformers still function satisfactory and this is our experience from over a number of years of selling our transformers for kitchenaid mixers.

Kitchenaid mixers will require either a 500w stepdown or 1000w unit depending on the motor of the unit.

325w  motor units (usually the artesian models) will need our 500w stepdown and the 725w and 575w motor models will need our 1000w stepdown.