Fuses often blow when you are drawing more current then what the transformer can provide. They are part of the inbuilt safety protection of our transformers.

If you keep blowing a fuse repeatedly then something is wrong – you have likely purchased the wrong transformer.

How do it know fuse is blown?
All our new stepdown transformers come with a red LED switch, if the Light on the LED does not come on when transformer is turned on its an indication the fuse has blown

How do i replace the fuse?
See below video – replacing fuse. All our stepdowns come with 2 spare fuses in the original package. Please refer to your orginal packaging / fuse package.

Need to buy a new fuse replacement?
If you need a replacement Fuse you will need to specify which stepdown Unit you have . Fuses can be bought here. In your order you must specify in your order in the comments section of your order which Stepdown Part Number you currently have . (Look at the part number on your unit)

Please also advise if your current Fuse Size if it is 20mm or 30mm long.

A Slow blow Fuse needed for replacement

Economy Range 
SD110-100A1.25A Fuse SEC
SD110-300A3.15A Fuse SEC
SD110-500A5.00A Fuse SEC
SD110-1010A10.0A Fuse
SD110-1500A10.0A Fuse
SD110-2000A10.0A Fuse
Isolated Range 
SD110-1001.0A Fuse M205 Style
SD110-2502.5A Fuse M205 Style
SD110-5005.0A Fuse M205 Style
SD110-101010.0A Fuse 3AG Style (was 8A)
SD110-150010.0A Fuse 3AG Style
SD110-200010.0A Fuse 3AG Style
SD110-240012.0A Fuse 3AG Style
SD110-350020.0A Fuse 3AG Style
Japanese Range 
SD100-500.63A Fuse M205 Style
SD100-1001.25A Fuse M205 Style
SD300-1004.0A Fuse M205 Style
SD100-101010.0A Fuse 3AG Style
SD100-150010.0A Fuse 3AG Style
SD100-200010.0A Fuse 3AG Style


  1. Turn off the power at the 240v power point2) Unsrew the fuse Holder
  2. Turn it anti-clockwise until the fuse “pops out”
  3. Remove the fuse holder plus the fuse
  4. Check the fuse if it is open current
    Look at it in the light and if the inside filament is broken or the glass is browned out then the fuse is blown. Note: if you fuse is ceramic (covered in white paper) there will be no way of checking this unfortunately.
  5. Put a new fuse in the holder
  6. Peace back into the fuse main body
  7. Turn the fuse holder clockwise until its locked in
  8. Turn the power on at the 240v outlet