Frequency Converters in Australia

The voltage and frequency of countries do vary. Whilst most countries like Australia use 50Hz (50 cycles per second) as their AC frequency a minority use 60Hz, including the United States .

There is always high concern with precision high end equipment on the possible and in some cases a frequency converter use is warranted.

Frequency conversion allows to precisely emulate all the numerous utility mains voltages and frequencies deployed throughout the world.

Our new frequency converter at Tortech has key features:

Programmable key lock setting output frequency
Self test at power on
Galvanic isolation, no harmonic distortion
PWM technology enhances compact size, light weight
IGBT module generates high efficiency, low noise & max. reliability
Powerful overload capability
Perfect protection when abnormal condition occurred
Suitable for use with resistive, capacitive, inductive
and non-linear loads

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