Q: Devices with Motors and stepdowns  – the frequency concerns and why our stepdowns compensate for this:

As explained the USA uses 60Hz power but in Australia we are 50hz. The transformer itself can’t convert the frequency .

What is the impact then?

Devices with motors will have a slightly difference performance with the frequency difference in Australia. (Note:  USA Devices with a  DC motor machine won’t be effected greatly by the frequency hertz difference only AC motors.) However if your device has an AC Motor it will be effected.  The motor may run a fraction slower and thus warmer using a stepdown transformer. However in most cases your USA device wil still run correctly without much noticeable performance difference. To alleviate the frequency impact on the motor affect its best to reduce the voltage from 120v to 110v, to reduce the induction level in the motor.  

This is why Tortech has designed our stepdown transformers to run at 110v. The magnetics of the motor will then not run as hot as it would if it was run at 120v. This ensure the longevity of the motor under the impacts of different power frequency.

Q: Motor Surge and calculation of power usage:

Another concern is that devices with a motor increase the power usage from the stepdown transformer during startup. If you are using your stepdown transformer on a USA or Japanese appliance with a motor you need to allow for 25% additional power in your calculation 

Why : Motors have an irush / startup current in the first 30 seconds which can surge above normal power use as the motor is energised.

Choosing your step down if device has a motor:
A device with a  motor Increases Power usage from the stepdown – so a 25% buffer must be added when deciding to choose a stepdown: