Impressed with the quality and reliability

Hi TortechI wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the quality of the transformers that were supplied to us. They fit very neatly onto our machine and don’t look out of place.Cheers
Phil Woodfield
Kahata Electrics (University subcontractor)
Finally a stepdown that works continuously

Hi,I wanted to thank-you again. The transformer arrived this week and i have been using it without any problems. I could tell straight away your transformer was built to last, really good quality materials. Ive been running our US coffee machine almost cotinuously in our cafe and it is still working perfectly with your step-down transformer. What a suprise it was as the last 2 stepdowns i got from elsewhere were pieces of crap and dropped out after 40 minutes of use! thank-you.
Johnny B
Great service and attention to detail

Hi Tortech, I just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with your company and the product you sell. I purchased the incorrect step down transformer and the lady on the desk and the engineer were very good and understanding in working out the correct unit and had it dispatched the next day. I now have my high-end wood working power tool that I could only get from the USA now working fine. I think its a good selling point that with your transformers people can purchase high end tools from US at same price as average quality tools in Australia. Many thanks,
Great Packing!

Hi, Many thanks for sending my order so promptly.I was very impressed with the excellent way it was packed, and arrived undamaged.I have ordered a lot online and quite often goods are very poorly packaged, and are damaged, so you guys did well!It has already been used and is very satisfactory.
Thanks for the fast Turn around!

To the people at Tortech. Thanks for the fantastic turn around time. Only two working days from the time I placed my order. Excellent work, you are a very customer focused business. Great product.Thanks again.
The Boat is going!

Thanks MatthewThe 3500w unit arrived and is running perfectly more shore power. Its handling the airconditioning which was a concern. Although its a big unit its quite robust and the sparkie had no troubles hardwiring it direct into the cabin. Will be referring your company onto my mate who is importing a boat from Florida as i write this.
James A
Works perfect

Hi Matthew, Many thanks for your advice. Have bought 1500w as you advised as the dryer has a fun motor. We have been running it for the past 2 days drying Mangos and the unit is working great.
Hi, Just Letting you know that the stepdown arrived today. I have tested it with mass amp and everything seems to be AOK. Thank you for the great service, it's been a pleasure doing business. Kind regards
Thanks Guys! Hi! My dad received our package this morning and I was surprised how fast it arrived! Thanks for the great service we get to try it out later tonight.
Lets face it, electrical goods are so much cheaper in the United States but finding a reliable step down transformer to allow those products to work in Australia is challenging. After many burn outs and failed units I finallyfound Tortech. Their reliable, well built transformers deliver output that is constant and uninterrupted, even in with most demanding environments.I run heavy power tools, ice cream machines and large kitchen mixers with no issues at all. A good quality Australian product"
Glen Harris
Quick delivery and product does as promised

Thanks so much. The transformers arrived quite quickly and I have been using them for about two weeks now. They are fantastic. Quick and consistent energy. Our stereo equipment is set up and the morning cup of espresso (drawn from my 10 year old workhorse 110 v espresso maker) is wonderful.Thanks again.
Great product!

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for both providing a great product and having a very informative website - useful on all counts. I'm very happy I bought a TorTech step-down transformer. Phillip Hi Wesley, Thanks so much. The transformers arrived quite quickly and I have been using them for about two weeks now. They are fantastic. Quick and consistent energy. Our stereo equipment is set up and the morning cup of espresso (drawn from my 10 year old workhorse 110 v espresso maker) is wonderful. Thanks again.
Definitely be recommending

Hello,I would just like to send you thanks for the outstanding level of service I received from your company. The prompt delivery time was fantastic, but more importantly being kept abreast of the status of my order was exceptional. I will definitely be recommending your company. All the best.
Well Packaged

Hi Mathew, Stepdown Transformer arrived well packeged today 9th June. I thank you for your prompt service. I will be giving your company some lip service in the future. Heres hoping that you get some extra enquires from Canberra in due course.
Thanks Heaps !

Thank you. I got it yesterday and it works fine with my US appliance. That must be the fastest response to an online order I have experienced in years.
Great Delivery

Hi Guys, My order was delivered today. Your delivery was much faster than I expected. While I haven't tried it yet, it certainly feels heavy enough to do the job, unless you have packed it with lead. It is very refreshing to deal with someone who "does not stuff around". I greatly appreciate your high level of service so far. Best Regards
Hi Matthew, I paid by PayPal went through the normal check out procedure. All good. My transformer arrived this morning, thank you for your excellent service. I have recommended you products to my sister as well. Regards
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