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Tortech will be closed from 12pm on Thursday the 21st of December 2018

We still welcome enquiries during this period however there may be a slight delay on responding.

Last orders should be received by 19/12/2018 to be sent on the 20/12/2018. Orders received after the 19/12/2018 will be sent on or after the 07/01/2019.

Please note that there may be some delay in receipt of items after 07/01/2019 to cater for the Christmas Break back log.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

Please click on  the questions below for detailed answers to commonly asked questions by our customers:

You can also see our complete stepdown Q & A summary page here

Note: Answers to the questions clicked on below will pop up in a new window


1 ) How do i choose the right Step down transformer?


2) How are Tortech Step-down transformers so different to others ? why is the 24hrs continuous constant rating so important?


3)  What are the differences between Isolation vs auto (economy) transformer? What about the earth in Isolation?

4) What is the quality difference between your Tortech step down transformers and others?

4.2 ) Why our slow blow fuses on your stepdowns safer than a resettable circuit breaker?


5) I notice your USA step down transformers say 110v and our equipment is rated at 120v will it still work?"


6)  Frequency - is my device effected by it ?:

 Related Qn: USA Hair clippers, dog clippers, trimmers - why do i need a different stepdown for them?


7)  Motors : My appliance has a motor and I'm concerned about the frequency difference impact  using a stepdown transformer?

Related Qn: Because my device has a motor why do i need to add 25% to the power usage calculation?

 8)  Will my kitchenaid/Vitamix/Nutribullet device with its US motor run ok with your stepdowns?

9) Can i use a surge power board with your step down transformers on the US side?

10) Why are some USA plugs thicker on one side - do your stepdowns support US devices with polarised plugs?


11Do your transformers make much hum during operation ? - Why are Tortech transformers much quieter?


12)  Why do i need a seperate stepdown transformer for Japanese enquipment  - not a USA  one?

13) Why should I buy from Tortech - what are your quality standards?

14)  My transformer is not working ? How do i know ? and  How do i fix it by replacing the fuse?

15)  Why don't you sell or recommend due to safety concerns  multi Step-up / step down transformers?


16)  I have questions about your Inverter Range  - Why are transformer inverter different to others on the market? See our Inverter FAQ page


17) I need my Inverter/Transformer/product manual - where do i go to download it? 


18)  I have a custom designed Transformer enquiry?

Please submit our custom design form here for Toroidal Transformers, Conventional Transformers, Plug packs, Chokes and Inductors


19) Can i bring my USA device into your Sydney office for testing with a step down transformer? ... Yes see the Map


20)  Isolation transformers - Im doing RCD testing why do i need a special unit?


21) I wish to place a wholesale volume order - how and where do I sign up for wholesale pricing?


20)  Do you ship to my country do you have International Shipping  ?


21)  Do you have a stockist in my state if so where?

22) How do i replace the fuse? - all tortech transformers should come with 2 spare fuses - see this procedure.


22) My Transformer has stopped working and replacing the fuse didnt fix it - I need to return my transformer for checking, warranty claim or exchange - how do i do this?

  (Please make sure before submiting return that you have tested and replaced the fuse using this procedure first )