800 kVA 3 Phase Voltage Regulator

This project is a 800 kVA three phase voltage regulator we have recently produced. A voltage regulator generates a fixed output voltage of a preset magnitude that remains constant regardless of changes to its input voltage or load conditions.

This unit:

  • It is 380v +/-20% input and 380v +/-2% output at 50Hz. It weighs over 1000kg . It has a small computer to control the output. The complete unit is housed in a IP20 enclosure.
  • You can see the booster transformers at the bottom and the regulator transformers at the top. The regulator transformers have carbon roller wheels to make contact with the coils.
  • It has large 3 phase circuit breakers on the input and output. the CB are rated at 1600A per phase.
  • It is designed to improve power quality. It consists of a human/machine interface, control circuit ,protection relay, execution and bypass section.
  • There is a servo motor with carbon brush and a vertical regulator transformer, plus the booster transformers.
  • Applications: CNC machines, Computerized topography machines and large publishing machines.

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