250 kVA 3 Phase Isolation Transformer for Railway Application

three phase transformer

Tortech just completed the testing of another 250kva 3 phase transformer for outdoor application, with a 3 phase isolator (360A) on the input side in a separate enclosure. The enclosure is made from stainless steel 316 grade with a mill finish.Fine mesh is used to stop the dust entering the input and output air vents of the enclosure.

Numerous measures in place to assist with cooling:

  • The sun roof is carefully designed to allow top air circulation and limit direct sun heating.
  • The air exit area is normally 20% larger than the input area at the bottom
  • The internal wall surfaces are painted matt black to limit the heat internal reflection and to absorb the heat back into the wall.
  • The bottom of the enclosure is designed to allow adequate air to enter from below to help with air circulation within the enclosure.
  • The transformer is a Class H (180 Deg. C ) insulation class.
  • The transformer has carefully placed air cooling ducts to allow air flow within the transformer coils.

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