Automatic Voltage Regulator

An Automatic Regulator is designed to correct Power quality problems like brownouts, surge, over-voltage, sags, Imbalance, unbalanced current, line noise etc. in the main power supply. Our voltage regulators features voltage regulation, isolation, Transient surge protection, or any combination of these in a all in one solution.

1500kVA Auomatic Voltage regulator

Specifics of this unit:

  • Voltage 400V / 400V 3 Phase
  • This is a 3 phase voltage regulator
  • See the attached specifications and video.
  • The frequency is 50Hz
  • The rating is 1500kva
  • Input Voltage  is 400v +/-20%
  • Output is 400v  +/- 2%
  • The size is 1200 x 1900 x 2140  (W x D x H ) mm
  • The weight is 2500kg

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