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Custom Designed Toroidal Transformer Form


Please fill out the below form and we will get back to you with a quote and availability:


Primary Voltage:    V

Frequency:  Hz


Secondary voltages & rating:              

                  Winding A          Volts  Amps  VA

                  Winding B          Volts  Amps  VA

                  Winding C          Volts  Amps  VA

                 Winding D           Volts  Amps  VA


Regulation:  % (from no load to full load)

Electrostatic shield?     Yes No

Magnetic shield?          Yes No


Mounting Kit required?            No

                                          Standard mounting kit

                                           Epoxy centre


Relevant Standard? eg: AS or IEC 


Temperature Rise?  Temp. Class of Insulation? 


Primary to secondary insulation level?    kV


Dimension:  (OD - Overall Diameter)  mm  


                                              Height  mm

Termination? ( self leads, flex or lug/clip connections? : also what colour of leads)


for A - Primary leads: 

B- Secondary leads: 

Lead length: mm

Lead type: Solid Flexible


  Quantity required? /month


Any other comments ? .. please leave in the space below:


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