High Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Quality Pure Sine Wave power Inverter charger x3 times surge with very low idle current. High surge capability, reliable, rugged construction and low idle current. A pure sine-wave output with unmatched surge power enables the smooth operation of appliances, such as fridges, washing machines & pumps.

Product Overview:

wdt_IDPart NoRated Continuous PowerRated DC Input VoltageRated Surge Power for 20-25sFrequencyDimensions (L x W x H) (mm)Weight
1TXFHP1012100012300050/60388 x 415 x 20016
2TXFHP2012200012600050/60388 x 415 x 20020
3TXFHP3012300012900050/60388 x 415 x 20024
4TXFHP40124000121200050/60488 x 415 x 20035
5TXFHP1024100024300050/60388 x 415 x 20016
6TXFHP2024200024600050/60388 x 415 x 20020
7TXFHP3024300024900050/60388 x 415 x 20024
8TXFHP60246000241800050/60488 x 415 x 20047
9TXFHP80248000242400050/60588 x 415 x 20054
10TXFHP80488000482400050/60588 x 415 x 20060

See our Full product brochure for Detailed Specifications, comparisons and our Inverter selection guide.

Product Features

  1. High overload ability of our HP inverter is up to 300% rated power(20 sec.).
  2. HP pure sine wave inverter adopts low quiescent current, and power saver mode to reduce power consumption to 29W(3s sensing cycle) *. It can extract max. power from various batteries with different protections, and low voltage trip can be selected (9.5V/10V or 10V/10.5V) (*2 for 24Vdc, *4 for 48Vdc).
  3. Uses PFC(power factor correction) for charger, which has less power consumption than conventional units and be able to obtain a power factor as close as to 1.
  4. It has 15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, and overload protection when our HP pure sine wave inverter equips with generator.
  5. 10ms typical transfer time from AC to battery, which guarantees power continuity of load supply. Uses selectable input AC voltage (165-264V or 195-264V) for different kinds of loads.
  6. Our HP charger allows start up and through power with depleted batteries. Its powerful charge rate up to 90Amp**.
  7. It can offer 3-step intelligent battery charging, and equipped with 8 preset battery type selector for totally flat batteries.
  8. LED status display, battery/AC priority switch, remote control are available for our HP pure sine wave inverter, it also has 17 alarms/warnings for easier operation and trouble-shooting, and ability to switch the unit on/off. In addition, select/deselect power saver mode can be used too.

Note:*For 6KW one. **For some models.

Our High Power inverters series have 13 key design advantages:

  1. High Output Capacity  – Up to 12000W
  2. Ultra Low THD (Typically 7%) very high overload capacity – Under full linear load
    Tortech HP inverters are designed low THD of 7% in contrast to other models with range 15- 20% s. This means that only 7% of the power is not available at the fundamental frequency.  read more
  3. Handles three x 3 times the surge power Surge is 3x rated load power for 20sec minimum.
  4. Four Step intelligent battery charging: Multi stage charging algorithm for optimal battery charging.
    These inverter have a 4 stage battery charger incorporated into the inverter.
    So when the 240v AC is available on the AC side you are able to charge the battery which is connected on the DC side.
  5. Powerful Charge Rate – up to 120Amp Selectable from 0-100%
  6. Auto Gen Start Function For Off Grid System with generator as back up power. Automatically starts generator when the battery voltage reaches low levels. Increases lifetime of battery. read more
  7. MPPT Solar Charger Controller option available read more
  8. Adjustable dual frequencies 50/60hz
  9. Our transformer based inverter has a circuit breaker on the DC and AC side for protection.  This provides short circuit protection under all conditions.
  10. High Quality transformer: 180deg class insulation (high temperature design). Quality magnetic core
  11. Isolation: Isolation between the input DC side of the inverter & the output AC side of  the inverter is achieved via the transformer
  12. Intelligent Load Sensing Fan:  As the load increases the speed of the fan increases. This allows for quieter operation and longevity of the fan.
  13. Automatic Voltage Regulation:   instead of the AC voltage varing as the DC battery voltage varies the output AC  voltage will stay steady

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4000 / 12000W, 5000 / 15000W, 1000 / 3000W, 2000 / 6000W, 3000 / 9000W, 8000 / 24000W, 6000 / 18000W, 10000 / 30000W, 12000 / 36000W


12V, 24V, 48V

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