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A step-down transformer is the ideal solution if you have an appliance designed to run on America's 110/120 volt system but is needed to run

on Australia's 240 volt power. This step down transformer converts 240 volts into 110 volts (or 115v & 120v) to allow your US appliance to run in Australia.

Manufactured by Tortech - 29 Years as Australia's Trusted name for Quality Step Down Transformers Est. 1987

Just plug transformer into Aussie power socket & the device into the power outlet of the transformer!


Protect your USA appliance - buy a step down that is guaranteed safe:

tick.gif All units come with a 1 Year Money Back Warranty

tick.gif All our stepdowns are high quality and made to Australian standards

tick.gif Very Important difference - Not all step down transformers are made the same

Tortech step downs are designed to run continuously 24/7 as the internal transformer used is toroidal transformer .  

This means the amount of power available (the rating) does not drop after 40 mins of use! read more


tick.gif Toroidal Transformer inside - our units are of the highest quality as they use the power saving, efficient circular toroidal transformer inside rather than then the less efficient square EI transformer - read more

tick.gif 2 different models available - Economy or Isolated models for additional safety Read more about the differences & safety benefits of Isolated step down transformer design.

tick.gif Attention to safety - We use 2 methods of safety protection - Our stepdowns protect your USA device and ensure it runs safely on Australian power

tick.gif 1) A safety Fuse for short circuit Protection

tick.gif 2) Thermal overload protection in the winding of the transformer

tick.gif High quality, fully enclosed metal construction, rubber feet and strong carry handle.


To determine the transformer you will need see our handy guide or check these five questions first:

1. What is the total watts used by appliances to be connected to the Transformer?

Select from our Stepdowns range below based on how many watts your device uses. Choose the transformer rated above the watts usage of your device. E.g: Playstation 3 uses 380 Watts so you need 500 watt rated stepdown transformer.

2. Does your appliance have a motor*?

If a motor is included then Read here first

3. Does your appliance have a mechanical timing device? If so, how critical is this timing device?

If a timing device is included the speed of the device may alter due the frequency difference read more

4. Do you know the Amps of your device? - is so you can calculate the watts required:

Calculated as Watts = Amps x 110v (eg 5 Amps x 110 = 550 watts)

5. Do you wish to use multiple appliances from one stepdown?

Check total watts of all devices this must be less than the power rating of the stepdown transformer.


Note: for Japanese 100v devices our Japanese step down transformers see here

Note: for European 220v and Asian devices see our 220v step down transformers see here

Frequently asked Questions about the frequency difference and more read our FAQ page

Still not sure which Step-down you will need? Please contact us with answers to the above questions & we will advise unit required.


Order Online - Select transformer below:

Click on products to order: Part Number: Output (watts) Max Amp Dimensions (mm): Weight (kg) Outlets Model:
Length Width Height
SD110-50 50 0.45A 130 90 70 1kg 1 Buy Isolated
SD110-100 100 0.91 130 90 70 1kg 1 Buy Economy
or Isolated
SD110-300A 300 2.27A 176 159 105 4.5kg 1 Buy Economy
Buy Isolated
SD110-500 500 4.5A 209 162 128 7kg 2

Buy Economy

Buy Isolated

SD110-1000 1000 9.1A 230 182 130 10kg 2 Buy Economy
or Isolated
SD110-1500 1500 13.6A 300 230 146 13kg 2 Buy Economy
or Isolated
SD110-2000 2000 18.2A 300 230 146 16kg 2 Buy Economy
or Isolated
SD110-2400 2400 21.8A 300 230 146 16kg 2 Buy Economy
or Isolated
SD110-3500 3500 32A 350 285 235 35kg Buy Now
SD110-4000 4000 36A 350 285 235 38kg Buy Now
Stepdown Addons:

5 WAY USA POWER BOARD 115V - Required to additional US devices off one step down transformer

  • Surge protection
  • Integrated overload Circuit Breaker
  • Fully UL safety approved and UL Listed
  • 1 Metre Power Cord. (3 prong USA Pins)
  • USA style 115Volt 15Amps
  • It has a On / Off switch
Buy Now

USA EXTENSION LEAD Cord (American Standard) 1.8m has US outlet and plug for use with powerboard and stepdowns

Buy Now
5m USA Extension Cord

USA Extension Cord 5m (Heavy Duty)

Buy Now
10M USA Extension Cord

USA Extension Cord 10m (Heavy Duty)

Buy Now

American Type Computer cord

Buy Now
Input voltage 240V at 50Hz. Aussie flex & plug *Output voltage 115V US female socket.

Choosing your step down if device has a motor:
A device with a motor Increases Power usage from the stepdown - so a 25% buffer must be added when deciding to choose a stepdown:

Features of all Tortech high quality Isolated step downs:

  • Our unit is fully isolated for optimum efficiency and safety
  • Double wound and insulated input to output this means it is more electrically safe
  • Comply with Australian standards - made to AS/NZS61558
  • We include safety fuse protection
  • Enclosed and strong metal construction with rubber feet and powder finish
  • Thermal overload in the winding of the transformer
  • Strong Carry handle
  • All enclosures are earthed to chassis
  • 100% electrical & flash tested


Two 115v outlets for your U.S. plugged devices

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Quality standards

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Tortech is the Official Supplier to the USA Embassy in Canberra Consulate in Sydney
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Plugging in your USA device with ease:

Strong riveted carry handles:

Safety fuse protection:

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