[ECONOMY] American Step Up Transformer

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[ECONOMY] American Step Up Transformer


USA to Australian Voltage Converter – Run your Aussie Equipment in America!

A “Step up” Transformer is the ideal solution if you want to run an Australian appliance designed for 240 Volts on American Power at 110V or any other Voltage.

This transformer converts 110 Volts into 240 Volts to allow your AUSTRALIAN appliance to work Overseas in the USA, or a Local 110V supply.

We can also build converters to Order, for other Countries and Voltages.  Please Enquire Direct.

Simply plug the transformer into the Power socket & your device into the AUST power outlet & you’re ready to go!

  • Our transformers are made to the highest quality standards
  • All voltage converters come with a 1 Year Money Back Warranty
  • Designed to protect your device
  • Unlike others, our voltage converters are designed to run continuously 24/7- read why important
  • Quality casing & included Safety Fuse protection
  • This new range is lighter & more compact
  • Safety fuse protection (300W and above)
  • Strong Carry handle, Enclosed and strong metal construction rubber feet (300W and above)
  • Thermal overload in the winding of the transformer
  • Thermally tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS61558

In-Store Appliance Testing

At TorTech, we encourage all of customers to come visit our office in Greenacre, Sydney for assistance in selecting the right voltage converter for you! Our team of specialised engineers are happy to examine your product and assist in helping pair you with our recommended voltage converter out of a wide range of stock.

If we don’t have a voltage converter in-stock that you require, we can manufacture you a custom transformer that will meet your needs! If you are experiencing any difficulties with our transformers with your product, we can help resolve the issue by testing both the transformer and product at TorTech. We aim to ensure you are satisfied with your decision and continue running your appliance without any problems.

Note: in the USA input power max is 15 amps This means 15 x 120v = This means maximum power of about 1800 watts is available.

Unit Details:

  •  Converts Voltage down from 240 volt to 110/120 volt US
  •  Fully enclosed unit with a white powder coated finish (300W and above)
  •  Safety fuse protection (300W and above)
  •  Auto transformer construction
  •  1 power outlet (100W and above)

Model Comparison

Part NumberWattsAmpsDimensions (l x w x h)WeightOutletsHandle
SUA110-100A100W0.41A130mm x 90mm x 70mm1kg1no
SUA110-300A300W1.25A210mm x 160mm x 115mm3.7kg1yes
SUA110-500A500W2.10A210mm x 160mm x 115mm4.6kg1yes
SUA110-1000A1000W4.20A240mm x 165mm x 130mm7.6kg1yes
SUA110-2000A2000W8.30A260mm x 185mm x 140mm11.6kg1yes

If you are unsure about what step up you will need please check these questions:

Select from our Step downs transformers based on how many watts your device uses. 

Choose the transformer rated above your devices watts usage.

E.g: Playstation 3 uses 380 Watts so you need the 500 watt rated stepdown transformer.

If a motor is included then you should select a stepdown rating approx 25% higher than your motor as a buffer.  

Motors have a higher power use on the stepdowns and startup currents which need to be allowed for.

Most motors have a rating plate on them with their Power and Amperage rating.

If so, how critical is this timing device?The Transformer cannot change the Frequency. It is 50Hz

If a timing device is included the speed of the device may change due to the frequency change, 60Hz to 50Hz (eg old clocks, motors / fans/microwaves ) Most modern electronic devices should not be affected. Read more about frequency

Calculated as Watts = Amps x 110Volts  (eg 5 A x 110 V = 550 watts)

Check total watts of all devices this must be less than the VA (Watt) rating of the stepdown & get a US Powerboard. 

If still unsure please contact us to work out which step up transformer you will need.

Quality toroidal transformer inside
Strong riveted carry handles
Voltage Converter Selector
  • Voltage
  • Amps or Watts?
  • Calculator
  • Results

Additional information


100W, 300W, 500W, 1000W, 2000W

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Item 1 – Cast Resin type Isolation Transformer

HV Winding 1

LV Winding 1

LV Winding 2

Rated power





Rated voltage








Off circuit tapping links


±2.5%, +-5%







Vector group


Insulation level (Maximum BIL/AC)





Winding material

Aluminium cast windings in quartz filled self-extinguishing epoxy resin

Aluminium cast windings in quartz filled self-extinguishing epoxy resin

Aluminium cast windings in quartz filled self-extinguishing epoxy resin

Type of winding

Vacuum Resin Cast

Vacuum Resin cast

Vacuum Resin cast


AS 60076-11, AS 2374



Degree of protection


Type of cooling


Installation altitude

< 1000 a.m.s.l


And fire behaviour class