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Economy American Step Down Transformer – The Economy American Step Down transformers are designed to operate your American 110/120 Volts rated appliance in Australia on the Australian 240 Volts power mains supply.

Our transformers include a safety fuse and thermal cut-out protection to ensure the transformer cannot be overloaded.  This model is a single wound toroidal transformer, designed to maintain its rating 24/7 and will convert the voltage from 240 Volts Australian mains supply down to 110/120 Volts US rating, allowing your USA device to run in Australia.

Note: Our Isolated transformer model includes these protection features plus voltage spike protection and may assist with noise filtering (see here for Isolated version).  

Simply plug your transformer into the Aussie power wall socket, and then connect your American device into the USA power outlet on the unit. Once they are both connected, switch the power on at the wall socket and at the step down unit, and you’re ready to go!

Protect your American appliance - Buy a Step Down that is guaranteed safe:

Service is Important.
We Offer Quality Service.

At TorTech, we offer assistance in selecting the right voltage converter for you! Our team of specialised engineers are happy to examine your product and assist in helping pair you with our recommended voltage converter out of a wide range of stock.

Model Comparison

Part NumberWattsOutput AmpsDimensions (l x w x h)Weight
SD110-100A100W0.91A134mm x 92mm x 71mm1.5kg
SD110-300A300W2.73A168mm x 158mm x 91mm3.5kg
SD110-500A500W4.50A176mm x 159mm x 105mm4.5kg
SD110-1010A1000W9.10A209mm x 162mm x 128mm7kg
SD110-1500A1500W13.60A230mm x 182mm x 130mm10kg
SD110-2000A2000W18.20A230mm x 182mm x 130mm12kg
SD110-2400A2400W21.80A300mm x 230mm x 150mm16kg

If you are unsure about what stepdown you will need please check these frequently asked questions:

When decided on which Transformer will be suitable for your appliance/s, it is important to consider the Power Rating of the device/s you wish to run on the Transformer.

To determine the Power Rating of your appliance/s, you must determine the total wattage (W) or total ampere (A). This will be presented on the product in a electrical specification label, or in the product manual.

Once the total wattage (W) or total ampere (A) is determined, please use our ‘Calculator’ located on the tab section of this page. This calculator will help guide you on which Transformer is recommended using your appliance/s details.

Always note that the Transformer must always be 20-25% higher in wattage (W) rating than the total wattage of your appliance/s.

E.g: Playstation 3 uses 380 Watts, so you will need the 500 watt rated Step Down transformer.

If a motor is included in your appliance/s, then you should select a Step Down Transformer rating approx 25% higher than your motor as a buffer.  

Motors have a higher power demand on the Step Down Transformer and draw higher start-up currents which need to be allowed for.

Most motors have a rating plate on them with their power (VA), wattage (W) and/or ampere (A) rating.

If so, how critical is this timing device? Our Transformers convert the voltage (V) and cannot change the frequency (Hz). 

Please note Australia’s power grid supply operates at 50Hz. 

If a timing device is included, the speed of the device may change due to the frequency difference in the power grid. This results in the appliance/s operating at 50Hz (Australia) when designed for 60HZ (Western Japan). An example of which appliance/s may be more affected by this are: old clocks, motors/fans/microwaves.

 Most modern electronic devices should not be affected. Please read further about frequency for more information.

Calculation for Wattage:

Wattage (W) = Ampere (A) x Voltage (V)

An Example is Wattage = 5 Amps x 110 Volts = 550 Watts

Please check the total watts (W or VA) of all devices and ensure this is 20% lower than the power rating (W or VA) of the Step Down Transformer. If using more than two devices, please use a USA Powerboard to run multiples devices. 

Our Step Down transformers reviewed by – read the Independent review of our Step Downs.

Additional FAQs about the frequency difference & more technical information, please read here.

For other general FAQs, please click here.

Still unsure which Step Down you will need? See our guide to choosing the right Step Down for you here.

For further technical assistance, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form.

Quality toroidal transformer inside
Strong riveted carry handles
Voltage Converter Selector
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    50W, 100W, 300W, 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 2400W

    Product Enquiry

    54 reviews for [ECONOMY] American Step Down Transformer

    1. Matt

      Light, compact and works longer then other stepdowns. I have to buy a tortech stepdown as my other stopped working after 40 mins and I was told this was usual, the Tortech product works like a beaut, thanks tortech

    2. Frank

      Excellent product that works faultlessly, fast delivery, good shopping experience.

    3. George K

      Works well. Needed a reliable step-down transformer for my Kitchen aid and headpad. Really did not want something that would damage my Infrared heatpad as it is a pricey item that i specifically ordered from the USA because they are not available here. Was reassured by assistance over the phone that these stepdowns are safer as they are different as they use the round transformers inside which means they run for long periods of time.
      Pleased to say Ive been running my heapad for hours now over the last week and it works very well.!! Thank-you for your reassurance and time taken to explain this to me. I am recommending other people who buy items from USA to use your stepdowns.

    4. Casey

      Thankyou for your time and patience explaining to me why i needed a more powerful stepdown for my kitchenaid. I did not realise this and no one could explain why my other one did not work as i though i bought the right one! The motor draw spikes power use on startup so it needs more power. Its working well on your stepdown and im still way ahead buying a USA kitchen aid with your transformer. Im greatful you were able to help me here. Thankyou.

    5. Chen

      Brought my shaver in and had it tested for the right step down. This was tricky one as the frequency difference impacted the shaver, I really do appreciate this service and time taken to check my everything. Thank-you Kamal.

    6. Des

      My philips morning light is working well with your step down transformer. Nice compant unit the 100w is and pleased ut is a reliable one. Thankyou

    7. Mike (verified owner)

      The technical information/video on the website was excellent so I ordered the step-down transformer for a product I obtained in the USA and wanted to continue using here. Online ordering was easy and the delivery of unit prompt. And what a unit, this is a quality engineered transformer, solid and perfect. Very happy.

    8. Ian (verified owner)

      Thank-you for your advice. I bought the 1000w stepdown and it is working as promised. This transformer is well made and has a strong carry handle. Delivery was quick too!.

    9. Phillip

      Bought your 500w stepdown for my Makita drill and works as promised.
      The transformer is obviously made quite well and the led switch is very handy ias i can turn the transformer off without having to unplug it. Note the spare fuses need to be put aside when you first open the box as they may get lost in the packaging.

    10. Deborah Meagher (verified owner)

      I had a ladies shaver bought in the US not sold here and much better than the ones locally available. I was worried about whether it would work on 50Hz as the specs said 60Hz. The technical advice came back quickly in response to my query. They had actually checked the specs from the model no I supplied and were able to assure me that frequency difference did not matter for technical reasons which were clearly explained. I bought the transformer and it worked fine, although I wouldn’t call it light as someone else commented, it’s a brick. But it does the job.

    11. Lisette (verified owner)

      Great transformer, works well. I received the item within a week, great service thank you

    12. Russell (verified owner)

      Needed a quality stepdown powerful enough to run my Makita hypoid saw ,purchased the 2400watt version ,works great thankyou tortech.

    13. Dave (verified owner)

      So far so good – arrived quick and it feels like a quality, well made transformer – nice materials, nice and solid, the switch has a good feel. And very happy value wise. The team were also helpful – answering a couple of questions I had before and after sale. Working well with my US equipment (monitor speakers, AC/DC transformers). Thanks guys.

    14. Christian (verified owner)

      I purchased a 100-Watt model for use with a photographic enlarger that I bought from a US manufacturer. I was impressed with the video I saw comparing this transformer with a standard market model – the engineers really seem to have taken care to build a high-quality, safe, standards-compliant device. The item arrived within two or three days of ordering, carefully wrapped. The construction is solid, and — most importantly — it works, I can print my photos! The whole experience has so convinced me that I’ve just bought another one for use with a different device, and I won’t hesitate to recommend TorTech to others seeking a transformer solution.

    15. Nick (verified owner)

      Great product that works perfectly for my American device. Thanks Tortech!

    16. Kalleni (verified owner)

      My interaction with the staff was very helpful and friendly.
      The transformer is a great product and works very well!

      Thank you!

    17. Andrew Tucker (verified owner)

      Just bought a 300W step down for my Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener that I scored in the Black Friday sales when I was over in the states recently and it works a charm. After about 5 mins, there was a little bit of “excitement” in the grinding wheels but it turns out that I needed to undo the housing a fix a loose screw which I did and then the sharpener was back to operating at it’s usual whisper quiet noise and churning out knives as sharp as Wusthof knives brand new out of the Wusthof factory. No issues with sustained performance either, just what the doctor ordered!

    18. Katrina

      Very impressed with your service. I called and spoke with a gentleman and lucky I did. Please when you buy things from the US this does not automatically mean they will work in Australia with a travel adapter. If it does not mention 240V on it dont risk it! I was so lucky i did not plug with US Kitchenaid in with a travel adpater as it would have blown it. Thank-you for sorting this out for me and getting me the right transformer.

    19. Marcus (verified owner)

      I bought the 300w version to run my old Vintage guitar amp- very happy with the transformer. No hum, no heat issues like my previous transformer.

    20. Preston Clothier (verified owner)

      Tortech is a first rate company. Vishnu really helped me to choose the correct step-down transformer for my application. Delivery was prompt and efficient.

    21. Luke (verified owner)

      Bough 1000w to run a Wabi Baby sterilizer I bought from the USA.
      This produce got great reviews on other site and heard it was very quite (no hum).
      One week in I can report everything is going great and it doesnt make a sound at all. Which is perfect.
      It is fairly large sitting on our kitchen bench .. but cant fault the quality. Recommended

    22. Ivan Mazourenko (verified owner)

      Great little transformer. No issues at all. Arrived on my doorstop in a couple of days.

    23. Edward (verified owner)

      Quick response to my inquiry. The engineer provided good advice on which transformer is compatible with my lamp. The pricing information given was transparent. I placed an order right away and surprisingly received the item the following morning. It helps that they are based nearby.
      The product works well { my 110v lamp hasn’t busted yet 🙂 }. And what a great service. Five stars and a half; highly recommended.

    24. Terence Goh (verified owner)

      What a great shopping experience with Tortech – the information provided on your webpages enabled me to select the transformer that I needed; and knowing that I still had to option to call and speak to someone if needed was such a bonus – excellent customer service. My transformer arrived quickly, and is working well. I would strongly recommend your services and products to others. Thanks to Tortech, I can now enjoy my lamp that was a gift from Canada.

    25. Terry Richards (verified owner)

      Thank you very much for the efficient way the order was handled and the brilliant packaging. I am very pleased with the transformer as it works so very well.

    26. Alan

      Thankyou team,
      I bought a Giant brand stepdown that was vibrating with a substantial humm sound and creating a strange smell. I brought my appliance into tortech, they tested with the right transformer and it worked, no vibration and definently so smell! Amen I am so greatful. Quality product. I recommend people to tortech, esp if you have a device plugged in an running 24/7 you need to know it is safe.

    27. Bruce

      Brilliant transformer, works well with no sounds. Thanks!

    28. Paul (verified owner)

      Total legends all round.

    29. Sharon (verified owner)

      I’m so glad I rang and got the staff member to help me choose the right transformer. They really know their stuff. Service was excellent! They didn’t waste my time. I ordered and delivery service was excellent too! Such a good quality product and just works!! I am now thoroughly enjoying using my U.S. electrical product thanks to Tortech!!! I highly recommend Tortech!!!

    30. Matt Edmonds

      I purchased 3 American Step Up Transformers before I moved to Canada 4 years ago. Each of the transformers have been very reliable and are being used daily. The quality of the design and manufacture of the Tortech transformers are evident when you first receive them and I would highly recommend these transformers based on my experience.

    31. Shane De Morgan (verified owner)

      Contacted TorTech via internet, supplied info on device requiring step down transformer, was advised suitably by Matthew, in a prompt and efficient manner. Paid, and Transformer dispatched promptly. Product is well constructed and is a delight to the discerning eye. Not a lot of use yet, but have no doubt it will function as required for some considerable time. Thanks TorTech

    32. Marian Bartels (verified owner)

      Bought an appliance from the US. Was unsure which transformer to buy. Rang Tortech and spoke to Matt. Matt was most helpful and patient, explaining what transformer I needed, reasons and making sure I ordered the correct transformer, suggested I send a photo of my appliance to confirm. Very happy with service and Transformer.
      Thank you Matt.

    33. Shirley

      Thank you
      For your support and assistance. Quick shipping and delivery.

    34. Kirsty

      Gorgeous young man on the phone, who spent a few valuable minutes to help me understand my new Shark Mops power converter needs. In the end I didn’t even need the converter I had rung to enquire about but I wouldn’t have know. That without his help. AND he couldn’t have been more lovely about it. True good old fashioned service. I’ll be going straight to your site for all my future purchases of this genre.

    35. Mark Beaumont (verified owner)

      Great quality product. Very sound technical advice throughout which gave me great comfort that I was purchasing the right equipment.

    36. Joel (verified owner)

      Great product. Bought to use on outdoor inflatable cinema screen,
      Runs well and was easy to find on the website using the quick question guide.

    37. naree (verified owner)

      product fantastic to run my american heatpad. similarly priced item, supposed to do the job, was a piece of junk. matt, through the chat box, was patient & helpful. great product, great price, great service, fast delivery. thank you 🙂

    38. Phillip Richards (verified owner)

      I’m really impressed with this product. It arrived super well packed and you can tell it’s quality made. I simply plugged it in and voila my USA foot massager was working perfectly! Great customer service and great product! Thx 🙏

    39. Len

      Thank-you well built transformers, world of difference in the quality of this one and reliable.
      Highly recommended

    40. Randall Beck (verified owner)

      This product works exactly as described. We are very happy with it as it takes the worry out of using our new bread maker which only comes with a US electrical plug. Well done!

    41. Judith (verified owner)

      Great doing business with you tortech, I have bought an economy step down American transformer before,and this one is no different,works well, the first one I bought was some years ago now and has never missed a beat,stoked.

    42. HELEN (verified owner)

      Great device. Easy to operate and light. Staff were helpful and informative.

    43. Chak (verified owner)

      Very helpful website calculating which model you require. Detail explanation how it works. Prompt dispatch and delivery.
      Device is excellent all round. Price is good.

    44. Beryl (verified owner)

      Great help from TorTech as to which product I needed to make my very expensive US sound system work here in Australia. Ten our of ten recommendation.

    45. J Cho (verified owner)

      Required a step down 240 -110 V transformer. Great product well made and easy to use. Definitely a good buy.

    46. Pat

      Worked when others didn’t. I was shocked that other transformer brands say they are 1000w when their constant power rating drops to half that after 20 mins! . Tortech transformers do not do that and I can’t say they maintain their power 24/7. Learnt this after being burnt elsewhere.

    47. Craig

      The little 100w unit is everything I needed. Compact quite and reliable. Peace of mind knowing its all safe and approved as well as its running day and night with my lamp.

    48. Kim

      Works well, good brand. Quick delivery

    49. Jani

      Quick delivery and the transformer works without hum or vibration. So much better than the one i bought elsewhere!

    50. Arji

      Ordered the 100w step down on Monday and it arrived quickly on Thursday! Great stuff! My US device is working well and happy with this compact yet quality made transformer.

    51. Helen O’Neill

      Bought this transformer after buying a poorly made unit from an electrical shop. Highly recommend tortech as a quality supplier. Good support as well.

    52. Tom (verified owner)

      I have purchased this product before. Would not hesitate to purchase again. Fantastic quality with super fast delivery. Awesome work Tortech.

    53. Russell (verified owner)

      We needed a second unit as the Humidicrub we purchased in Australia needed two – one for the heat side and one for the humidity side and only one was originally supplied. Thankfully, the original label was still on the one we had so we had a part number and this company name to go off and the new (100W) unit is now happily in use. In this instance, the step down transformers need to run for 2-3 weeks 24×7 so havigna quality unit is important.

    54. Heidi Enright (verified owner)

      I purchased the 500 watt American step down transformer for my Kitchenaid mixer and Kenmore sewing machine. I’ve only used it so far for the mixer and I was very pleased with the performance as well as with the prompt answer to my email request for advice.

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