Three Phase Oil Cooled Variac

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Part NumberNorm AmpsCont AmpsDimensions (l x w x h)Weight (w/o Oil)
D-403-T-M-1540A40A1150mm x 760mm x 830mm185kg
D-603-T-M-1560A60A1150mm x 810mm x 910mm220kg
D-1003-T-M-15100A100A1390mm x 1000mm x 1130mm400kg
D-2003-T-M-15200A200A1550mm x 1130mm x 1260mm435kg
D-4003-T-M-15400A400A1470mm x 1450mm x 2100mm1200kg
D6003-T-M-15600A600A1900mm x 1640mm x 2270mm1500kg
D8003-T-M-15800A800A2200mm x 1450mm x 1620mm2000kg

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40A 0-450/470V, 60A, 100A 0-450/470V, 200A 0-450/470V

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