Single Phase Metered Variac

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Metered Variable Auto Transformer

The Metered Variable Auto Transformer is a high efficiency portable bench top unit complete with a Voltmeter which provides continuously smooth adjustable AC Voltage. Is an essential piece of Test / Control Equipment for use in Laboratories, Colleges, Electrical Test rooms and Industrial / Commercial premises.

Output Voltage maintains its Sine Wave Purity with virtually no wave shape distortion, no radio interference and no harmonics created.

Some applications are:

  • Control of Motor speed, Lighting and Temperature
  • Performing Under and Over Voltage tests.
  • Adjusting to standard 240 Volts AC Output if the Mains Input is too High or too Low.

Features :

  • Standard Output 3 pin 10 Amp plug base
  • Input Fuse Protection
  • Output Protective Thermal Circuit Breaker
  • Double Pole ON – OFF Mains Input Switch with Indicator
  • Output Voltage Meter
  • Mains supply cord and plug
  • Robust construction with rubber feet and carry handles

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