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Toroidal Transformers – Tortech’s Toroidal transformers meet modern day requirements for a smaller size, low magnetic interference field transformer. Small size and weight (approximately 50% of conventional transformers), extremely low in noise and low stray magnetic field make the toroidal transformer ideal for compact power supplies.

If our stock Toroidal Transformers do not meet your specifications, please use our custom designed Toroidal transformer quote form by clicking here.

NOTE: Price volume discounts can be applicable for 5+ and 10+ unit quanitity. For further information, please enquiry with our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected] or use our Design Form webpage.

Due to the variety of Toroidal Transformers that we offer, the wiring colours can differ between our transformers. From this, we have detailed the circuit diagrams for our Transformers below. Please inspect the colours of the wires from your transformer and match it to the correct transformer wiring diagram. Also please note that each transformer winding has a start (S) and finish (F) as labelled in the diagrams.

 Circuit Diagram #1

 Circuit Diagram #2

Circuit Diagram #3

 Circuit Diagram #4

 Circuit Diagram #5

For further information, please contact our Sales engineers on: (02) 9642 6003, by email at: [email protected]or use our Design Form webpage.

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80VA 240V/2*25 1.6Amp, 80VA 240V/2*18V 2.22Amp, 80VA 240V/2*12V 3.2Amp, 80VA 240V/1*15V 5.33 Amps, 120VA 240V/2*12V 5.0Amp, 120VA 240V/2*12V 5Amp, 150VA Rating 240/11.8v @ 12.7Amp, 160VA 240V/15 15V 95mm, 160VA 240V/2*40V 2Amp, 160VA 240V/2*30V 2.66Amp, 160VA 240V/2*25V 3.2Amp, 160VA 240V/2*18V 4.44Amp, 160VA 240V/2*12V 6.66Amp, 300VA 240/2*50V 3Amp, 300VA 240V/2*40V 3.75Amp, 300VA 240/2*30V 5.0Amps, 300VA 240/2*25V 6.0Amp, 300VA 240/2*18V 8.33Amp, 300VA 240/2*12V 12.5Amp, 400VA 240V/32V 12.5Amp, 400VA 240V/12V 33.33Amp, 425VA 240V/2*22V 9.66Amp, 500VA 240V/2*35V 7.14Amp, 625VA 240V/240V 2.60Amp, 650VA 240/2*12/8V, 50VA 115V/2*12V 2.08Amp, 50VA 240/11.4V, 60VA 240/11.4V M LLOSS, 100VA 240/11.6V RESET, 120VA 240/2*12V, 160VA 240/2*12/15V RCO, 200VA 240/11.4V RESET, 300VA 240/11.4V RESET, 300VA 240/2*12V, 300VA 240/2*18V, 300VA 240/2*45V, 50VA 240/2*12/8V, 1000VA 240/100V P, 20VA 240/11.8V AS, 160VA 240/2*15V 5.33Amp

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10 reviews for Toroidal Transformer

  1. Danny

    Audio hobbiest here and have been buying these toroids in small quantities from tortech for many years! (20+)
    Well made and better quality then others and has warranty, which has been my biggest concern as i onsell these as a component in my equipment.

  2. Peter J (verified owner)

    No hassle purchase and prompt shipping. Extremely well made toroid and the best in Australia…. quality product.

  3. Sam

    I have ordered some designed custom toroids previously and have been happy with them.
    I could not get them wound anywhere else, so exceptionally greatful that you are actually able to make them!

  4. Jeff

    I keep the guys at Tortech busy!! Thankyou again for my custom toroids. I use these in a testing environment and i was pleased you were able to make them to my specifications in what was a short time frame. Kamal there is very helpful, thankyou mate.

  5. Stan

    Thank-you for including mounting places and bolts, these are essential !! also a handy note if you ring these guys they do volume prices which i only recently found out.

  6. Marcus Richardson (verified owner)

    Bought a small 80W toroid with two separate 25V secondaries.
    An excellent product. However it would have been good if accompanied by a description of the four colored secondary windings wires to help in connecting them either as two separate secondaries, two secondaries in parallel (twice the current), two in series (double voltage), or one combined winding with centre tap.
    It took me a fair amount of time with my multimeter measuring resistances and voltages to work this out for myself.

  7. Oliver (verified owner)

    One of my Mackie studio monitors blew and the repair guys were not very helpful. Replaced the transformer with a tortech. Arrived shortly after the order, all working fine again. Saved me hundreds of dollars and creating some la drill. Thanks guys.

  8. Michael Buck (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the toroidal transformer I received from Tortech. They got it to me very quickly and in the period between Christmas and New Years Eve too which was a great surprise and much appreciated. The transformer is now powering my pinball machine and working perfectly.

  9. Greg Peters

    Great product and prompt delivery from an Aussie manufacturer, highly recommended.

  10. Ross Marshall (verified owner)

    Purchased 2 toroidal transformers. 300VA 240-volt, 2 x 12 volts, excellent quality, prompt service and the protective packaging was also done to the ultimate standard.
    Ten out of ten score.

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