Conventional EI Transformers

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Tortech has two types of Conventional EI Transformers models as follows:

Model Type A:
Quality open style conventional chassis mount transformers.
Input: Dual 415V or 240V (at 50/60Hz)
Output: Twin (2x) 12V Output (May be configured for series, parallel or used independently)
Power Rating: 50VA to 300VA

Type A transformers are labelled in the Power Rating select option as: ’50VA / 2 x 12V AC’ up to ‘300VA / 2 x 12V AC’.

Model Type B:
Quality open style conventional chassis mount transformers.
Input: 415V (at 50/60Hz)
Output: 240V
Power Rating: 100W or 200W

Type B transformers are labelled in the Power Rating option as: ‘100W’ or ‘200W’.

Please note to select the transformer that suits your application.

The Control Transformer (Type B) of 415V input to 240V output are applicable to be used in switch boards, where they provide 1-Phase 240V output power to control circuits from 3-phase equipment with 415V phase to phase voltage (no neutral).

These transformers are Isolated, are class ‘F’ insulation and are made to AS 61558.11 Power transformers.

The transformers have terminal blocks and mounting holes for easy and compact installation.

Designed to Australian standard AS/NZS 61558.

  • Terminal blocks on both input and output.
  • Standard baseplate mounting.
  • 100% electrical & flash tested.
  • No fuse or thermal cutout included.
  • Meets requirements of class B insulation system (130°C).
  • Tortech’s design format facilitates a wide range of output voltages, configurations and termination possibilities.

If you have any questions or require a higher power rating, please contact our engineering team at: [email protected] or (02) 9642 6003.

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50VA / 2 x 12 V AC, 75VA / 2 x 12 V AC, 100 VA / 2 x 12 V AC, 150VA / 2 x 12 V AC, 200VA / 2 x 12 V AC, 300VA / 2 x 12 V AC, 100W, 200W

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