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Switch Mode Power Supply

Switching Mode Power Supplies


  • C-Tick approved100%
  • full load burn-in test Short circuit protection
  • OLP / OVP Over temperature protection
  • 2 Years warranty on Selected Units.
    To order Switch Mode Power supplies or if you have questions please enquire here We need to know the Volt (V) and Amp (A) which you require A Selection of Standard Available Units are listed here.
    Many more types are available. We sell the stardard Desk top series and the DIN rail models
Type Output   DC Power Rating
      5V 7.5V 9V 12V 13.5V 15V 24V 27V 30V 48V
Model S-25 25W F 5A     2.1A   1.7A 1.1A      
Model DR-30 * 30W F 3A     2.0A   2.0A 1.5A      
Model S-40 40W F 8A     3.5A   2.8A 1.8A      
DR-45* 50W F 5A     3.5A     2.1A      
Model S-60 60W F 12A     5A   4A 2.5A      
Model DR-60 * 60W F 6.5A     4.5A   4A 2.5A      
Model DR-75 * 75W F       6.3A     3.2A     1.6A
Model S-100F 100W S 20A 13.5A   8.5A   6.7A 4.5A     2.2A
Model DR-120 * 120W S       10A     5A     2.5A
DRH-120 120W F             5A     2.5A
S-150 150W S 30A 20A 16.7A 12.5A   10A 6.5A     3.2A
S-240 200W A 40A 30A   18A   15A 10A   8A 5A
DR-240 240W F             10A     5A
Model DRP-240 * 240W F             10A     5A
Model DRT-240 * 240W F             10A     5A
Model SP-300 300W S 50A 34A   24A 21A 19A 12.5A 11A   6.25A
Model DRP-480 * 480W S             20A     10A
Model DRP-480S * 480W S             20A     10A
Model DRT-480 * 480W F             20A     10A
Model SP-500 500W F       40A 36A 32A 20A 18A   10A
Model PSP-500 500W F 80A     41.5A 37A 33 20 18   10A
Model DRT-960 * 960W F             40A     20A
Model PSP-1000 1000W F 145     75 67 60 37 33   19
Model PSP-1500 1500W F 217     112 100 90 56 50   28

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